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Review Weapon FX – Gta 5 Pc Game

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The main purpose of this mod is to create gun effects that are somewhat realistic but still maintain a cinematic feel. Every single gun that’s in game has been modified in some way (excluding rocket launchers, grenade launchers and anything else that doesn’t fire bullets). Some vehicle weapons have also been modified. A full list of what has been changed is including in the files.

Optional Files Weapon FX – Gta 5 Pc Game :

  • Increased fire rate for the B-11 Strikeforce
  • Remove tracers on the minigunFuture Plans Weapon FX – Gta 5 Pc Game :
  • Optional: compatibility with RSE (still waiting for permission from MvcGyver)
  • Optional: no retical
  • A rework of gun force, penetration and recoil
  • More modified vehicle weapons
  • More optional filesThis is my first mod, so if you have suggestions or requests please put those in the comments and I’ll happily try to fulfill those requests.

    Changelog Weapon FX – Gta 5 Pc Game :

    v1.0: First release


    Do not re-upload or distribute this file to anyone or anywhere. If you plan to upload a modified version of these files please ask for permission. If you use this mod in a video please include a link somewhere (I don’t really care where, just have it there). This mod is exclusive to gta5-mods.com

Link : Download Weapon FX – Gta 5 Pc Game