VoxelMap Mod 1.16.3 Minimap

VoxelMap is a miniature map mod (Minimap) and a world map (Worldmap), which helps you navigate unlimited in-game, set sights, detect nearby mobs and explore the world around in the game. Minecraft.

The notable points are in VoxelMap Mod :

– Adding a reference system. The VoxelMap Mod adds Minecraft to the game’s thumbnail image. You can see the overview more easily than details in the current map. It shows the reference points. It also displays mob and player icons with optional caps and player names. The details in the game are characterized and symbolized by the most characteristic icons on the thumbnail in the corner of the map screen.

– Design picture. You can see the shape of the miniature map in VoxelMap Mod has 2 shapes of square and circle. These are the 2 most typical and popular types of maps in role-playing games. Players can observe all that happens in the space where they are heaped. By clicking on the thumbnail map you can also expand it to take a closer look. For each destination on the map, you just need to click on the character to automatically arrive.

– Radar function. In VoxelMap Mod, you can also observe the movement of the character to any place on the map. You can capture the entire position, where the character’s coordinates are on the map. Another thing gamers are interested in is the Minecrafr code to play more effectively. You can see all MineCraft Code, MineCraft PE command synthesis that we introduced to readers.

Minimum configuration required to play VoxelMap Mod

Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 operating system
– RAM: 2GB
If you are a loyal fan of Minecraft role-playing products, immediately test with the original version, Download the Minecraft version that is loved by players around the world and feel.

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