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– Save any vehicle anywhere in the game.
– locate the saved vehicles on the mini map when pressing a key.
– automatic location of the last used saved vehicle after a mission,after death, and after arrest on the minimap.
– display of the gps path to the last used saved vehicle.
– Stats display including :
. Name of the active character
. The game FPS(Frames Per Second)
. The in-game time
. The name of the current saved vehicle being driven
– The Stat display can be disabled with a keystroke.
– Display of altitude(AGL) when inside flying vehicles.
– All saved cars icons on the mini map, the current or last saved car in a different color.
Just copy the containt of the downloaded zip file in the “scripts” directory of you game in the root directory of your game.
If the script directory doesn’t exist, create a directory in the root folder of the game and name it “scripts”, then copy
the containt of the zip file inside the newly created “scripts” directory.

Endeavor Mod Menu – Scrips for Gta5 PC

This script requires ScriptHookV.Net to run.
if the file “ScriptHookV.Net” is not present in your game directory, it must be googled, downloaded and installed according
to its installation instructions before using this script.

1. The script his still in it’s beta version, so expect some minor glitches, but nothing serious to make it completely
2. The script has been tested in story mode only and on GTA 5 version 1.0.350.1….
3. If some major problems arise, please send a message to the provided email address at the end of this readme file.

– When launch for the first time, you should see on the left :
. The FPS
. The Name of the active character
. The Number of saved cars
. The Time in the game

All those infos can be hidden by pressing F12 or any other key you set in the ini file.

– SAVE A VEHICLE : Press F9 (Key can be changed in the ini file)
– UNSAVE A VEHICLE : just Explode it or Submerge it…
– LOCATE SAVED CARS ON THE MINIMP : Press L (Key can be changed in the ini file)
– SAVED CARS are represented by yellow vehicles icons
– LAST USED and CURRENT SAVED CAR is represented by a Red Vehicle icon
– If a saved car is used before a mission, it’s icon will blink on the minimap after the mission
to show where it is…if the character gets in another vehicle, the path to the last saved
vehicle is shown on the minimap in red…sometimes, the path can disappear before you reach
the saved car…press L as needed…
– Each Vehicle is saved in an XML file in a folder having the same name as the character who saved
the vehicle. The file can be edited if you know how to work with xml files.

Emergency TroubleShooting:

If case the script becomes unresponsive, Press INSERT to reload it and see if the issue is correct…
if not please send an email with a copy of your ScriptHookVDotNet-.log file availaible at
the root folder of your game, as an attachement…

Feedback, Suggestions and Support :

please send an email to [email protected] and i will be glad to respond.

Hope you will Enjoy!

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