Trevor’s Log House – Maps for GTA 5

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Download : Trevor’s Log House – Maps for GTA 5


You must have Scripthook V and Map Editor with all the requirements.
Unzip downloaded folder and copy into your main GtaV folder, then load “trevor” in the game.

I have included Unlockobjects files in the zip.

If you want to erase the washers and the matress rubbish in the front yard and in the garage:

OpenIV: ” x64h – levels – gta5 – props – roadside – rubbish ” then delete the following;


(Back Up Original Files First!)

If you want to remove all other rubbish inside the trailer and make it look nice,
i also recommend you to download ” ” by Ryan Apex
Enjoy !

Trevor’s Log House – Maps for GTA 5  ScreenshotsTrevor's Log House 1 Trevor's Log House 2 Trevor's Log House 3 Trevor's Log House 4 Trevor's Log House 5 Trevor's Log House 11 Trevor's Log House 12 Trevor's Log House 14 Trevor's Log House6 Trevor's Log House7 Trevor's Log House8 Trevor's Log House9 Trevor's Log House10 Trevor's Log House13 Trevor's Log House15

Trevor’s Log House – Maps for GTA 5 Showcase

Link Download : Trevor’s Log House