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Realistic Los Santos

Affected city of Los Santos where all beauty is located.

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(installation instruction is in the file “installation”)

Added many varieties of trees that you can see in Los Santos, this fashion affects only the district of the city where the trees are located. The trees stand along the road and in the most prominent places. In private areas trees are not worth saving for a limit of 2048 trees. The trees are selected to the place, Also added is not a small number of palm trees that also grow.

Changelog Tree Santos(1310 trees) :

-The necessary links to the Script Hook V,ScriptHook V.NET.
-More details written file “Installation”.
-Added folder “source – for developers”.
-Folders renamed.

-Added method of adding “Menyoo”
-Added method of adding “XML”
-Added 146 trees of different types.
-in file “installation” More detailed written method of downloading Map Editor.
-The way of download is written “Menyoo”
-Added links.

–Fixed bug with file YMAP.
-Updated file ReadMe.

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Link : Download Tree Santos(1310 trees)