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Carpet Bomber – Game GTA

Review Carpet Bomber – Game GTA Picture : Carpet Bomber – Game GTA Changes v1.2.4 Bombs can now be dropped without switching to the reverse camera view. All features of the bomb view camera can now be used while in the default camera view while the bomb doors are open The amount of bombs that can be dropped at once is no ... Readmore »

Shoulder Swap Camera – Game GTA On

Review Shoulder Swap Camera – Game GTA On Picture : Shoulder Swap Camera – Game GTA On This script adds a “shoulder swap” functionality while aiming with a weapon, much like what you might find in other games such as Tomb Raider or The Division. This was requested a while back on gtaforums but was eventually abandoned after the original requester went ... Readmore »

Arms Trading & Gang Wars – Play Gta V

Review Arms Trading & Gang Wars – Play Gta V Arms Trading 1.5 – A Better View Welcome to underground arms trafficking business. Here, you can trade with many friends from various gangs/law enforcements, who are willing to provide you the best source of firearms & vehicles. Join us, and expand your business by wiping out those who stand in your ... Readmore »

Smuggler’s Run Business – Grand Theft

Review Smuggler’s Run Business – Grand Theft now is single player you can own a Smuggler’s Run Hanger, and store up to 12 aircraft Missions: Moving Convoy three armoured vehicles are moving from point to point destroy them for a reward Smuggling Cargo Just like the Supply runs from Executive Business Required mods NativeUI Scripthookvdotnet Online Interiors to install drop folder ... Readmore »

Doomsday Heist Business – Gta V Gameplay

Review Doomsday Heist Business – Gta V Gameplay Now you can own a Facility in Single Player!, this mod adds the facility as a purchasable property, to start head head over to the facility and purchase it to start collecting vehicles, buy a vehicle bay and source the vehicle that you want after you have sourced a vehicle that you want, ... Readmore »

Killing Spree Mod – Grand Auto 5

Review Killing Spree Mod – Grand Auto 5 Requirements: – Latest ScriptHookV  – Community Script Hook V .NET  – Visual C++ Redistributable Packages – Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2Install: Extract, drag and drop in ‘GTAV Root Folder\Scripts’ Folder.Changelog: v2.0 – No longer use image – you can replace the sound with your own sound v1.4 – Fixed compatible with Community Script Hook V .NET v2.1 – ... Readmore »

The Gunrunning Business mod – Play Gta Online

Review The Gunrunning Business mod – Play Gta Online Now in singleplayer finally you can have a Bunker Business, pack it with military vehicles, do missions and more to start getting vehicles, go buy a vehicles bay, after you buy a vehicle bay, you can start sourcing and using your sourced vehicles after you source a vehicle you can buy it ... Readmore »

MK2 Weapon Giver – Gta V Download

Review MK2 Weapon Giver – Gta V Download This mod fixes the glitch that R* forgot to fix, concerning the MK2 weapons, where you reload the game and it resets the ammo count to 0 this simple mod resets that value to all the MK2 weapons max ammo count Requires NativeUI Scripthookvdotnet Install Drop the Dll into the scripts folder 1.1 ... Readmore »

Weapon/Vehicle Trader – Download Game Gta V

Review Weapon/Vehicle Trader – Download Game Gta V this mod allows the player to purchase, any weaponized vehicle, any MK2 weapon, or a bunch of other things all can be purchased straight from Agent 14, at Trevor’s Airfield look for the blue Ammunation gun on the map, should be next to Trevor’s Airfield, when your are there (if Agent 14 doesnt ... Readmore »

Weapons On Back – Gta Auto V

Review Weapons On Back – Gta Auto V Installation Place WeaponsOnBack.dll into your “scripts” folder. You will need Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook. About Inspired from the “Equip Gun Mod” from GTA IV and various other games such as Call of Duty. The weapon you last used will be set on your back, but only the big “primary” weapons, so ... Readmore »