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Handbrake – Grand Theft

Review Handbrake – Grand Theft Discription Cause of hard perfomance hit i’ve decided to separate modules from EnhancedDrivingExperience to different projects, so if you use one of them ,you NEED to delete my EnhancedDrivingExperience scripts! This script adds animation and sounds for handbrake system, also it lets you to use Static handbrake by Holding PhoneLeft key and pressing VehicleHandbrake key. Installation ... Readmore »

Contextual Car Control – Auto Gta

Review Contextual Car Control – Auto Gta Overview Contextual Car Control lets you perform several actions on your vehicle by using an all-new way of interacting with GTA V: a point-and-click menu that changes based on the current context (known as the Community Contextual Menu API). This means that you can perform these actions with extreme ease, without the need to ... Readmore »

Auto Center Steering Patch – Game Gta

Review Auto Center Steering Patch – Game Gta I’m not the owner/creator of this mod. The author of this mod is InfamousSabre. Original mod page:  https://9gta5mods.com/auto-center-steering-patch-gta-z/ This is a working version with the last update of GTAV  Thanks to Unknown Modder for his precious help Installation: Simply put the .asi file into root directory you can also refer to the article about Community Script ... Readmore »

Auto-Center Steering Patch – Gta Z

Review Auto-Center Steering Patch – Gta Z Park your car with your wheels turned. Simple enough right? This script simply patches the instruction that automatically centers a vehicle’s steering when the driver exits the vehicle. Nothing more, nothing less. It works for both the Player and NPCs.Tested to work with v350 and v877. Should work on all versions in between as ... Readmore »

Fix Wheel Turn Back – Gta Games

Review Fix Wheel Turn Back – Gta Games My second script mod fixes the turn back of the vehicles wheels. Now you can park your car like NPCs. You can choose between exit the vehicle with Engine On or Off. You can choose between 2 versions in the .INI File, one with the EngineOn vehicle exit and the other one without ... Readmore »

Car Super Speed – Gta 5 Google

Review Car Super Speed – Gta 5 Google [Changelog] 4.0 Now working with latest ScriptHookV & LUA 10.1. 4.1 Fixing INI issue, this update removes ini completely until it’s fixed. 5 One more attempt to fix errors. 5.1 Fixed slight bug in the reverse speed script 5.2 Updated to work 100% with latest patch (393) 6 Re-coded in the .NET framework. GUI is now toggleable! Added INI ... Readmore »

Drag Race – Play Gta Online

Review Drag Race – Play Gta Online After a while of thinking, I decided to release this mod as open source. I will not work on it anymore and want people to be able to use my code for anything they need (for any purpose). Hope you enjoyed this mod as it lasted. Source Code Here’s a mod for people who love ... Readmore »

Speed Control – Play Gta Online

Review Speed Control – Play Gta Online –What This Mod Does. Use the Number Pad to make your player go really fast in any direction you want. Also Works in vehicles (cars,boats,planes,bikes). Also use the Number pad to make your car go from 0 to 300mph (Speed Boost) (Stop Instantly) (Backwards Boost) (Works with Trainers, enable and disable the mod with ... Readmore »

Drag Meets – Drag Monsters Update – Gta 5v

Review Drag Meets – Drag Monsters Update – Gta 5v Latest update : – Added random Drag Monsters. These cars with an engine larger than their engine bay? These. – Added “invite” cheat: You can now invite any Racer to the current meet. Usage: Enter “invite” cheat, then enter the name of the Racer you want to invite. “Eddlm”, “Dragster Phantom”, “Sabre ... Readmore »

Vehicle Remote Central Locking – Gta 5v

Review Vehicle Remote Central Locking – Gta 5v Heads up for illegal game copies This mod is well known for not working with cracked game version or outdated ones. Even if other mods work for you this probably won’t since it uses other natives and dependencies. If your game is not legal or not updated, rating the mod is not fair. ... Readmore »