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Realistic Nitro – Gta 5 Pc

Review Realistic Nitro – Gta 5 Pc Picture : Realistic Nitro – Gta 5 Pc Description This script adds a basic Nitro system for you to use and abuse! While using the nitro, the car’s engine will have more power, and the car will accelerate far more quickly, reaching top speed in no time and probably going over it. The car’s exhausts ... Readmore »

Working Winch for all vehicles – GTA 5 GTA V

Review Working Winch for all vehicles – GTA 5 GTA V Picture : Working Winch for all vehicles – GTA 5 GTA V Description Every vehicle in the game will now have a winch, which you can use to attach other vehicles, tow them around and wind/unwind the winch at will. Features All player’s vehicles have a winch now. You can hook ... Readmore »

Burnout Wheelie – New Gta

Review Burnout Wheelie – New Gta Picture : Burnout Wheelie – New Gta This script brings to the game the ability to do Wheelies with your cars! Wheelies are performed after you have done a long enough burnout, but the wheelie will be lost if you stop accelerating at any moment. By default, the script allows all vehicles to perform wheelies, but ... Readmore »

Automatic Vehicle Showcase – Grand Theft

Review Automatic Vehicle Showcase – Grand Theft Picture : Automatic Vehicle Showcase – Grand Theft Features Easy to set up and use Automated Livery cycling, both normal liveries and Tuning liveries Automatic screenshot for Steam, can be disabled Configurable via settings file and internal cheats How to use Go to AutomaticShowcase.ini and configure it. If you want to add the models ingame, ... Readmore »

Carpet Bomber – Game GTA

Review Carpet Bomber – Game GTA Picture : Carpet Bomber – Game GTA Changes v1.2.4 Bombs can now be dropped without switching to the reverse camera view. All features of the bomb view camera can now be used while in the default camera view while the bomb doors are open The amount of bombs that can be dropped at once is no ... Readmore »

Better Vehicle First Person – GTA ON V

Review  Better Vehicle First Person – GTA ON V Picture :  Better Vehicle First Person – GTA ON V Overview Better Vehicle First Person brings a whole new way of experiencing the first person view while in a vehicle. It offers an in-game fully adjustable first person view for each vehicle, as well as camera effects that make the most out ... Readmore »

Sweep Wing Function for Add-On Aircraft – GTA 5

Review Sweep Wing Function for Add-On Aircraft – GTA 5 Picture : Sweep Wing Function for Add-On Aircraft – GTA 5 Description Simple script that adds functionality for vehicles that have a working “sweep- wing” (such as @SkylineGTRFreak’s F14A). The wings will automatically sweep inward when the vehicle reaches a certain speed (changeable in the config file) or optionally, after pressing a ... Readmore »

Szabo’s Persistance Mod – Gta 5 Car

Review Szabo’s Persistance Mod – Gta 5 Car Picture: Szabo’s Persistance Mod This mod allows you to save cars wherever you want, and also keeps the last 3 cars you entered from magically disappearing. It creates markers on the map that shows where your cars are; the markers are small and colour-coded. No more vanishing custom cars! No more lack ... Readmore »

Vehicles Persistence – Gta Download

Review Vehicles Persistence – Gta Download Features: ========= – Save any vehicle anywhere in the game. – locate the saved vehicles on the mini map when pressing a key. – automatic location of the last used saved vehicle after a mission,after death, and after arrest on the minimap. – display of the gps path to the last used saved vehicle. – ... Readmore »

Working MOC in SP – Game Gta

Review Working MOC in SP – Game Gta this mod allows any of the main three protagonists to use a fully functional Mobile Operations Center in Single Player! you can do theseCustomise Cab and trailer Primary Secondary colour Customise Weapons and Livery On Trailer Save a Vehicle into the cargo bay autopilot : AI drives to waypoint use any of the ... Readmore »