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Bolingbroke Penitentiary Prison Vehicles Pack – Gta 5 Gta V

Review Bolingbroke Penitentiary Prison Vehicles Pack – Gta 5 Gta V Bolingbroke have upgraded with a fleet of new vehicles, including the all new Police Prison Truck, as well as their two handy modern-day escort cars, the Police Prison Cruiser and Declasse Alamo, and their classic fighters, the Police Prison Vigero Rumbler, Police Prison Esperanto and Police Prison Rancher. This mod ... Readmore »

Comet Blume – Gta V Gameplay

Review Comet Blume – Gta V Gameplay Install: updadate/x64/gta5/dlcpacks/mpchristmas2017/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles/ vehilce.rpf: replace the Comet 5 filesI would be glad, if someone could make an add on. You can also refer to the article about  Grand Theft Zombies Mod – Scripts for GTAV       Link Download Comet Blume – Gta V Gameplay       Picture : Comet Blume – Gta V Gameplay Video ... Readmore »

Updated Benefactor Panto – Gta 5 Gta V

Review Updated Benefactor Panto – Gta 5 Gta V   Another vehicle I’ve tried to make a bit less ugly! Based on Smart ForTwo. Includes carvariations file which givesb Any problems, please report below! CHANGES – Paint areas changed. Primary color is the main body, secondary is the trim around the doors and the wing mirrors. – Added more black plastic ... Readmore »

Updated Enus Cognoscenti – Gta V On

Review Updated Enus Cognoscenti – Gta V On Updated version of the Enus Cognoscenti, based on a Maybach 62. CHANGELOG – New rear passenger interior with new seats, tvs, curtains, colored carpeting and privacy glass – Glass roof over rear passenger area (with breakable glass) – Redesigned large tail light – Reverse lights and ENUS text removed from trunk – New ... Readmore »

Updated Vapid Contender – All Grand Theft Auto

Review Updated Vapid Contender – All Grand Theft Auto Picture : Updated Vapid Contender – All Grand Theft Auto Updated version of the Vapid Contender, based on a Toyota Tundra. Turns the 4×4 Contender into stock model Contender. CHANGELOG – Instructions included for lowering suspension – Front bumper with fog lights (From Dani02s Brute Yosmite) – Chrome/black grille with badge – New ... Readmore »

Retinue Spy Car – Game Gta

Review Retinue Spy Car – Game Gta Vapid Retinue is a car featured in Smuggler’s Run DLC, based on Ford’s Escort 1ST Gen. I modified it to have a spy thriller-esque look, with working parachutes and the ability to shoot and place timed bombs on the road. Install as you would do like every other add-on KNOWN BUGS: -Weird dials -White ... Readmore »

Karin Chisana – Gta Games

Review Karin Chisana – Gta Games Converted an unamed beater van from Max Payne 3, named and “badged” it. The result came up as this one, a simple old utility van. Idk, i’m pretty sure someone should get use of this thing. Just install it as you would do by installing every other Add-On. SHOUTOUTS TO: –WildBrick142 for the Utility variant ... Readmore »

Shitzu Shiba – GTA 5 Online

Review Shitzu Shiba – GTA 5 Online In the land where even the ultracompacts give off that unparalleled sense of sophistication and chic, driving a barebones delivery truck with a layout not even a mother could love seems like the last choice that would spring to your mind. Make no mistake, though – the Shiba trades off you looking like a ... Readmore »

Imponte DF8 Nitro – Grand Theft Gta 5

Review Imponte DF8 Nitro – Grand Theft Gta 5 ==>HUGE CREDIT TO __CP__ AND OTHER PEOPLE WHO DEVELOPED IVPACK FOR THE ORIGINAL DF8-90 MODEL You can also refer to the article about Real Life Mod – Scripts for GTA5 Link Download Imponte DF8 Nitro – Grand Theft Gta 5     Video review :       0.0 00 Readmore »

Mallard banner – New Gta

Review Mallard banner – New Gta Just a small edit of Mallard (stunt), decomissioned and edited for advertising purposes. Install as you would do for every replace mod. (Supports every feature of the game including LODs) SHOUTOUTS TO: Rockstar Games – Original Model @ BDuck (me) – Model edits @ AlexanderLB – Banner textures @ DynamoHotRun – Screenshots Enjoy. You can ... Readmore »