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GtaV – Karin Sultan Backyard Boost V1.0b [Add-on|Tuning|LODs]

Thank you for downloading Karin Sultan Backyard Boost. This mod uses Modkit id: 750 This mod requires the LATEST version of Grand Theft Auto 5. (Casino Heist DLC) Changelog: Version 1.0 – Initial Release. Version 1.0a – Front bumper AO and extra issues fixed. Version 1.0b – Intake manifold clipping and LOD issues fixed. Features: Engine, wrong one. Turbo, big ... Readmore »

U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) V1.0 [Add-On|Pack]

This pack is dedicated Alfa1561. Happy Birthday! This mod aims to introduce a new federal law-enforcement agency to GTA V: The United States Marshals Service. This pack is essentially a lore-friendly version of the real U.S. Marshals Service, with a selection of vehicles and equipment mimicking their real life counterparts. I hope that this pack can be enjoyed and appreciated ... Readmore »

Nagasaki Chilly Bin V1.0 [Add-On]

With the engine inches away from burning your backside to a crisp and the cooler box you’re desperately clinging on to keeping your fanny frosty, you will feel the balance beyond words and the fear beyond screams. Survival is not an option – but the fun sure as shit is. Big Thanks To Da7K -For original model. Carrythxd -For creating the Add-On. ... Readmore »

Ubermacht Zion GT-C V1.0 [Add-On]

There is a difference between a german flagship for the man with an ego and a little coupe for the barber lady down the road – if they’re bone stock, that is. Fill a ride with six-figures worth of tech – and wonders start to happen. The barber lady’s ride is now slashing everything in sight with a danger razor ... Readmore »

Pegassi Infernus SE Classic V1.1 [Add-On]

The 1990s classic received a facelift in anticipation it would look less dated when standing on the brink of 21st century. New front fascia, more extravagant rim design and plethora of new factory paintjobs are guaranteed to persuade you to buy another Infernus that has changed little since its introduction in 1990. Any headlight design similarity to a Japanese coupe ... Readmore »

Vapid Dominator GTX [Unmarked] (Detective) V1.2 [Add-On]

“The monochrome murders have gone out of vogue and the pastel pink suits have faded into history – but the moonlighters’ love for fast rides still remains at large. This one’s no cheetah, but it still can run the extra mile and maul your bum before the coffee break and a scheduled secretary shagging. Dominate the crime scene – with ... Readmore »

Grotti Turismo Classic Custom V1.0 – gtaV car

Hi guys! This my 12th mod of team Ydrop. The Grotti Turismo Classic Custom V1.0 let you have the best experience on any races. Also, the car is an indispensable companion in every your mission. Main work made by Player 1 ,add on made by player 2 Wheels we be release when we will update our wheels pack. Spawn name : ... Readmore »