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Dog Attacker Mod – GTA 5 Online

Review Dog Attacker Mod – GTA 5 Online Picture : Dog Attacker Mod – GTA 5 Online Dog Attacker mod by Skeeze415 (Games_graphics) This mod allows you to spawn an attacking dog (Chop), by pressing numpad 1. Installation: Unzip file, open and take “DogAttacker.dll” and place it inside your scripts folder of you GTA directory. When ingame, press numpad “1” to spawn ... Readmore »

Chiken’s Menu – Gta vs Gta

Review Chiken’s Menu – Gta vs Gta Picture : Chiken’s Menu – Gta vs Gta French: Le mod menu fonctionne uniquement en mode histoire et non en online. Comment l’installé ? Télécharger Script Hook V et dinput8. Mettre les fichiers suivant dans le fichier GTA V clique droit sur le logo de GTA V puis ouvrir l’emplacement du fichier et vous glissez ... Readmore »

Modded Hotkeys for Xbox Controller (Customizable) + Useful Scripts – Gta V Gameplay

Review : Modded Hotkeys for Xbox Controller (Customizable) + Useful Scripts – Gta V Gameplay   THIS IS MY FIRST LUA SCRIPT EZ SIMPLE AutoEnabled Mods: (Can be Turned Off/On) – SuperJump (editable) Hotkeys: LT + RightPad = Remove Wanted Level / Give 100$ to player (editable) L3 + X + A = Spawn car (Default: sultanRS) (editable) DownPad = Customize Car to MAX (NO ... Readmore »

Pay For It Trainer – Grab The Auto 5

Review Pay For It Trainer – Grab The Auto 5     Suggested By: PapiDimmi #Known Issues None, right now. Mod Developed by ZyDevs. This trainer is different from others, it requires you to pay a set amount of money for each function. INSTALLATION: (IMPORTANT) Please Remember, This uses GTALua, not LUA Addon by headscript. Get it from http://gtalua.com Place pay_for_it ... Readmore »

Spawner V – Gta 5 Google

Review Spawner V – Gta 5 Google Spawner V (v2.0) Simply the Best!About Spawner V is a free, advanced and lightweight vehicle spawner for Grand Theft Auto V. Designed to be user-friendly, this script provides you the best way to navigate and spawn the game vehicles using categories, it also contain some extra stuff. Spawner V is currently being developed by Meth0d for the ... Readmore »

Mini Player Menu – Gta Games

Review Mini Player Menu – Gta Games Mini Player Menu [WIP] This is a simple player menu, easy to use and fast to use. this menu is work in progress You Need Latest Script Hook V Latest ScriptHookVDotNet Latest NativeUI Installation copy the Mini Player Menu.dll into your scripts folder if there is no script folder, create one. Open the menu ... Readmore »

Lester’s Bribes – Grant Of Auto 5

Review Lester’s Bribes – Grant Of Auto 5 This mod adds the interaction menu from online where you can eat snacks, equip armour and the menu where u call Lester for options in online into one combined menu press F11 to open the menu please press INS to reload all mods, if menu doesnt apear when F9 is pressed 1.1 fixed ... Readmore »

Simple Trainer for GTA V 7.5 – Scrips for Gta5

Gta download –  Simple Trainer for GTA V 7.5 – Scrips for Gta5 The trainer also includes bodyguard /ped spawning, any model can be spawned, any weapon can be given , defaults in trainer.ini, these can also be altered using the bodyguard menu in game. In additional to bodyguards, also drivers, combat peds and peds and drivers that attack the ... Readmore »

Script Hook V – Native Trainer for GTA5

Script Hook + Native Trainer is a mod that makes using cheats in GTA V as simple as clicking a few buttons. This makes it easy to test vehicles, guns, and characters out. The mod is designed to close when you go online, so you do not need to worry about being banned for using cheats. Why Use Script Hook ... Readmore »

PC Trainer V PC – Scripts for GTA5

The Unique Features That PC Trainer V Possesses It is without a doubt that the new gta 5 mods pc game is much more exciting than the previous versions. This is because it comes with a number of features that will definitely blow your mind away. Some of these features include the miscellaneous option which allows for you to resurrect ... Readmore »