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XRE 300 GTM PMERJ V2.5 – gtaV car

The mod will let players the XRE 300 GTM PMERJ V2.5 which was designed specifically for police. The car carries a youthful sports design along with a large capacity engine that makes the car more perfect when you transform into a police officer in the game. Along with a sturdy and solid frame that helps it withstand more bumps, it also ... Readmore »

Lumma CLR G770 V1.0 – gtaV car

The Mercedes-AMG G63 (585 hp, 850 Nm) celebrates its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in just a few days, and LUMMA Design is one of the first tuners to preview an extensive personalisation programme for the revitalised SUV legend. The Widebody Lumma G-Class will polarize opinion. The big arches of this distinctive carbon-fiber Widebody kit are filled by a ... Readmore »

2016 Suburban [Unmarked] 3.0 Update 1.6 – gtaV car

This is mod will give you the 2016 Suburban [Unmarked] 3.0 big update 1.6. So what’s New in Version 3.0 Released 16 minutes ago Version 3.0- Major changes 1)added some more side lighting 1a) light patterns have been changed somewhat and now emissives will unfortunately no longer move with doors (not fixable due to setup) I have the els set ... Readmore »

Ford Interceptor SUV V.1.0 – gtaV car

This is a Ford Explorer EMS SUV. In this version we have the mod allows the player to comfortably upgrade the car to help it become stronger and more beautiful. With a simple method, players can easily use the mod. Liveries are made by ThatGuyJacobee. 100 Downloads ✔️ 500 Downloads ✔️ 1K Downloads __ Screenshots the Ford Explorer EMS SUV ... Readmore »

Mammoth Squaddie V2.0 – gtaV car

There’s the weakling’s liberty thrown around in adverts for just about any so-called puny “4×4”. Then there’s the true man’s liberty – being able to roll out into any hot zone of his choosing without breaking a sweat. Meet the Squaddie – a light tactical military truck that made tactical massacres hip. No op too small and no country too ... Readmore »

Bentley Bentayga StarTech 2017 V2.0 – gtaV mod

Hello! This mod will give you another version for the Bentley Bentayga StarTech 2017. So what’s new in V2.0 – Improved all textures & materials – Improved exterior & interior lights – Improved black & aluminum parts – Improved the burn area – Made some tweaks to the collisions – Fixed some data lines Requirements – At least version 1.47 (Diamond ... Readmore »

Bentley Bentayga Mansory 2017 V2.0 – gtaV car

Hi guy! This mod will give you a nice sport car in new version, the Bentley Bentayga Mansory 2017 V2.0. So what’s new in V2.0! Here we go! – Fixed and edited the whole kit – Improved all textures & materials – Improved exterior & interior lights – Improved black & aluminum parts – Recreated all Add-on files – Added better ... Readmore »

2015 Ford Ranger [Samur Canarias Lifeguard Rescue] V1.0 – gtaV car

Hello! This is mod for the 2015 Ford Ranger [Samur Canarias Lifeguard Rescue]. Follow me on my social networks to see the mods before I upload them to the web or to get my unlocked models: My Youtube channel Credits: Vehicle: GTA SA: I don’t remember where I got it from or it’s removed GTA V: elmodcanario (alertacobra_gta5_mods) Lightbar: Federal Signal Legend by ... Readmore »

Banshee 80X V1.0 – gtaV car

With a sturdy and sturdy frame that helps the car withstand more bumps, it also has an extremely good Handling kit that makes it easier to control the vehicle. With high-quality images, the car becomes more beautiful and smoother in the GTAV. Model Credits: – 2004 Hummer H1 by Mcgarret – Tow Hitch by Mcgarret – Lightbar converted by DrowsyHD ... Readmore »