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Why is rabbit bonding important and how is it done?

Why is rabbit bonding important and how is it done?

Rabbits need the company of their own kind but you cannot just mix two unfamiliar rabbits without following the proper process, as this could result in adverse outcomes. Rabbits are sociable, but they are also territorial. Therefore, rabbit introductions must be done carefully. The process of encouraging rabbits to live compatibly with one another is called bonding, mixing or pairing. ... Readmore »

Are you ready for a rabbit?

Rabbits make wonderful companions! Rather than buying a rabbit for sale at a pet store or rabbit breeder, adopting a rabbit from an animal shelter or rescue organization is the perfect way to add a rabbit to your family. Today’s rabbits are indoor, spayed/neutered and litter box trained. But how do you know if your home right for a rabbit? ... Readmore »

How To Care for an Adopted Bunny?

Before you bring home an adorable baby bunny, duck, or chick, a good pet parent will do research into the lifetime of care these pets require. Stuffed toy animals are often the best choice of a holiday gift, but if you’re considering adopting a real-life bunny, our friend Pia has some thoughtful insights after speaking with Cindy Stutts, an educator ... Readmore »

Meet Leo, The Super Cute Rabbit That Was Born With No Ears

When it comes to rabbits, we often think of their long unique ears – the most recognizable feature of them. For this reason, it hard to imagine how they would look without ears. However, nature works in strange ways, and sometimes a rabbit is born with no ears. This is Leo, a super cute rabbit that was born without any ... Readmore »