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Momma Cat Steals Her Kitten Back From Owner

We all know that moms are awesome because they will do everything they can to make sure that their babies are safe and protected. However, mother’s love isn’t only found in human moms. It can be found in animal mothers, including cat moms. After a happy cat mom gave birth to a bunch of kittens, her owner spent a little ... Readmore »

Dog Cuddles Into Mom’s Clothes To Find Comfort When She’s Away

Meet Kalina, the three-year-old German shepherd who lives happily with her mom, Raven Atchison. Just like other dogs, Kalina loves her mom often spends time cuddling with her every day. She loves doing this so much that when her mom is away, she may be upset and stressed. “My three-year-old German Shepherd named Kalina tends to suffer from separation anxiety. ... Readmore »

17 Emotional Cats and Dogs Whose Faces Say It All

Pets can’t speak, but they don’t really have to. Whether they feel hyper-cheerful or truly frustrated, or whether they judge us or suspect something, we can clearly see it all on their eloquent faces. Being so openhearted and sincere, they can easily make us do what they want with just one look, and they continue to master this art day by day. Here at Bright Side we’ve picked these 17 cats and dogs for you who ... Readmore »

Cat-Sitter Posted The Description Of Each Felines And It Was Hilarious

Tumblr user named Amanda took on the task of watching her friend’s family of cats. What really awesome is that she is given a guide to deal with the tough mission. Looking after someone’s cats can be fun, but it can also be somewhat challenging if you’re unfamiliar with each cat’s personality (or behavior). Then, Amanda decided to let the Internet ... Readmore »

Stray Siamese Cat Found On The Street With A Note On Her Collar

Violet is a stray Siamese cat who was found in Illinois with a note tied to her collar. Animal rescuers brought her to the Effingham County Animal Shelter and immediately realized that the stray cat used to have a home. When the rescuers opened the note, they discovered a heartbreaking truth about her past. It read (corrected for spelling): “Bye Violet. I ... Readmore »

30 Animals Who Love Chilling Out In The Sun

Basking in the sun has a lot of amazing benefits. Sunshine naturally increases serotonin, a hormone that helps us improve our mood, redude +depression and anxiety. So it’s no wonder that most of us love chilling out in the sun when spring arrives. However, we are not the only ones who love sunbathing. Our animal friends love chilling out in ... Readmore »

How To Raising A Tame And Outgoing Cat

Raising a tame cat who’s social and outgoing requires a combination of a good upbringing, even from the time the kitten is in the womb, early handling, and a mom cat with a good temperament. If one of these factors isn’t present, don’t give up! You can still likely raise an outgoing cat if you invest a little extra time. Here are a ... Readmore »