Emperor ES550 – GTA V

Review Emperor ES550 – GTA V  After the 2016 GTCC (Gran Tourer Car Championship) season ended Karin Automobile released the Emperor ES550 (sells as Karin Snipe in Japan) as the rules required that the entered cars must be placed on sale on two continents within twelve months of the season beginning. Production is limited to 1500 units worldwide. Installation: 1.Put “es550” ... Readmore »

Annis Euros – GTA 5

Review Annis Euros – GTA 5 For the 90’s man having a mid-life crisis who wouldn’t dare be seen in something as brash as a Coquette, the Annis Euros. A sleek, stylish, modern body fitted onto a 15 year old chassis and given a twin-turbo V6 making twice as much torque as said chassis was ever built to cope with, the ... Readmore »

Annis Requiem – Game GTA V

Review Annis Requiem – Game GTA V Arriving in late ’67 the Annis Requiem wowed the American public. This low-slung 2 door sports Coupe packing a 3.2 litre inline 6 told Detroit that Annis meant business. It was the first import to make a serious threat to the muscle cars, especially once people found out the potential of that engine. To ... Readmore »

Bravado Gauntlet S – GTA 5 GTA V

Review Bravado Gauntlet S – GTA 5 GTA V The Gauntlet was revolutionary when it first came out but the years were not kind to it. Its outdated, heavy platform caused it to fall behind the Vapid Dominator in performance and its 4-door brother, the Buffalo, recieved a facelift in the Buffalo S that left the Gauntlet looking dated. Bravado decided ... Readmore »

Bravado Gauntlet Hellhound – Game GTA V

Review Bravado Gauntlet Hellhound – Game GTA V Bravado is back at it again! This 890-horsepower special drag-ready version of Gauntlet is so powerful that it was banned from drag racing! Unleash your inner beast with this beauty until it turns itself into the hellfire of twisted metal and eats you alive. (Template included) Changelog: 2.0 – Added livery support, LOD’s, ... Readmore »

Bravado Gauntlet Classic – GTA V

Review Bravado Gauntlet Classic – GTA V The year is 1970. The peace and love era has come to a close following the events at Altamont and there’s still a few years until the oil crisis makes American cars an absolute laughing stock so pick yourself up a brand new Bravado Gauntlet. Fitted with Bravado’s all-new, all-American, all-powerful cast iron 488 ... Readmore »

SAHP SWAT Ped Model – Gta Download

Review SAHP SWAT Ped Model – Gta Download This mod is a model and texture replacement for Realism Dispatch Enhanced’s SAHP SWAT (s_m_y_sahpswat_01) ped. Using Zmodeler 3, this is a custom ped made from existing parts edited to fit together in order to provide a semi-accurate representation of the real life CHP SWAT officers. This model can be used without RDE, ... Readmore »

Bravado Gauntlet Ravon – Dowload Gta 5

Review Bravado Gauntlet Ravon – Dowload Gta 5 Modified the Gauntlet changed lights changed bonnet changed wheel changed bumers add spoilerInstallation Using OpenIV go to x64e/levels/gta5/vehicles You can also refer to the article about PC Trainer V PC – Scripts for GTA5 Link Download Bravado Gauntlet Ravon – Dowload Gta 5     Picture : Bravado Gauntlet Ravon – Dowload Gta 5 Video review : ... Readmore »

Surano Hardtop – Gta Auto V

Review Surano Hardtop – Gta Auto V This makes the Surano a Hardtop V1.1: – fixed front lights“Stipulation modification” automatic roof cancel Install to; Read me changed rear lights changed front grille changed door changed rear bumper changed wheel you can also refer to the article about Simple Trainer for GTA V – Trainer pc – Scrips for Gta5 Link Download Surano Hardtop – ... Readmore »

Pegassi Infernus Updated – Gta Games

Review Pegassi Infernus Updated – Gta Games Modified the Pegassi Infernus changed front bumper changed behind changed boot, changed engine changed modinstall car – update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday2ng/dlc.rpf/levals/vehicles.rpf mod – x64i.rpf/levels/gta5/vehiclemods/infernus_mods/rpf You can also refer to the article about Enhanced Native Trainer – PC Trainer v gta 5 Link Download Pegassi Infernus Updated – Gta Games     Picture : Pegassi Infernus Updated – Gta Games Video review ... Readmore »