Rockport Police Pack – Gta Online

Review Rockport Police Pack – Gta Online Picture : Rockport Police Pack – Gta Online CHANGE LOG: v2.0: – General: simplified DLC file structure, improved lightbar and new lighting setups closer to Rockport PD specifications, tweaked liveries, laptops replaced with toughbooks with new screens, added wobbling antennae, miscellaneous fixes. – Staniers: new wheels, LED lights replaced with halogen lights, removed fog lights, ... Readmore »

Vapid Contender Classic – DOWNLOAD GAME GTA

Review Vapid Contender Classic – DOWNLOAD GAME GTA Picture : Vapid Contender Classic – DOWNLOAD GAME GTA Popular with local rednecks and angsty teenagers these days, the Vapid E-109 was built alongside the Bobcat with nothing more than American steel and rolled out of the factory with just one goal: own the streets. Officially nicknamed the “Contender” as a result, this little ... Readmore »

Lampadati Pigalle with US plates – GTA 5

Review Lampadati Pigalle with US plates – GTA 5 Picture : Lampadati Pigalle with US plates – GTA 5 Remember when Lampadati Classic re-introduced their Pigalle model? You probably do, otherwise you wouldn’t remember the outcry when people got a plank for their license plate. Now Lampadati Classic has re-introduced the re-introduced Pigalle model, with proper license plates, while also keeping the ... Readmore »

Declasse Moonbeam – Game GTA V

Review Declasse Moonbeam – Game GTA V Picture : Declasse Moonbeam – Game GTA V These are model edits of the Declasse Moonbeam. I’ve been always wondering why Rockstar didn’t add the extras from Grand Theft Auto IV when they added the Moonbeam to the game. This basically restores the extras, minus the skirts because Rockstar didn’t include them. Sorry. In addition, ... Readmore »


Review HVY Armordillo – DOWNLOAD GAME GTA Picture : HVY Armordillo – DOWNLOAD GAME GTA “Used by the military to invade countries and wipe them out with a massive gun without needing to leave the vehicle, the Insurgent Pick-Up quickly became a popular military vehicle right next to the very original MAMMOTH jeep. What could HVY do in this case? Release a ... Readmore »

New License Plates – Game GTA V

Review New License Plates – Game GTA V Picture : New License Plates – Game GTA V The first license plate pack working as an add-on. Featuring 45 lore-friendly license plates; 7 from iFruit files, 1 from game files, 36 made from scratch, 1 designed by another person. All plates feature custom normal maps and other parameters such as text size, color, ... Readmore »

Pfister Comet Retro – GTA 5

Review Pfister Comet Retro – GTA 5 Picture : Pfister Comet Retro – GTA 5 Pfister Comet Retro GTA IV: Thundersmacker GTA V: My V1.1: – Added LODs – Liverys – Added extra spoiler How to install: Addon: 1. copy to comet4 folder to:update/x64/dlcpacks 2. From the update.rpf go to:/common/data and edit the file dlclist.xml and add this line: dlcpacks:\comet4\ Replace: Car: ... Readmore »

Brute Enforcer Skin Pack – GTA ON V

Review Brute Enforcer Skin Pack – GTA ON V Picture : Brute Enforcer Skin Pack – GTA ON V DESCRIPTION This small pack features four RDE-styled SWAT textures for _CP_’s Brute Enforcer (a.k.a NOOSE Stockade) from IVPack.There are both standard (2048×2048) and high (4096×4096) texture definitions. Firstly I intended to create only a BCSO SWAT livery as it was to be used in ... Readmore »

Declasse Tornado Rat Rod – GTA vs GTA

Review Declasse Tornado Rat Rod – GTA vs GTA Picture : Declasse Tornado Rat Rod – GTA vs GTA My 34th Mod Removes the rust and adds clean interior Do not edit without permission INSTALLATION Add-On 1.Drop tornado7 folder to update\x64\dlcpacks 2.Edit dlc list from update\update.rpf\common\data 3.add this line to dlcpacks:\tornado7\ 4.save and replace it Spawn tornado7 INSTALLATION Replace 1. Start OpenIV ... Readmore »

TLAD Regina Sedan – GTA 5 GTA V

Review TLAD Regina Sedan – GTA 5 GTA V Picture : TLAD Regina Sedan – GTA 5 GTA V Features -Full LODs -Add-On -Dirt Mapping Installation Instructions In Readme  Enjoy! Some articles can be read if You need GTA 5 new cars         Link :       Video review : TLAD Regina Sedan – GTA 5 GTA V   Readmore »