Pfister Comet GT – Game Gta

Review Pfister Comet GT – Game Gta Pfister Comet GT version 2 change front bumper Addon: 1. copy to AK_CometGT folder to:update/x64/dlcpacks 2. From the update.rpf go to:/common/data and edit the file dlclist.xml and add this line: dlcpacks:\AK_CometGT\ Spawn name: cometgt Thanks for supporting and donation. Web Money 712021270296 You can also refer to the article about Endeavor Mod Menu – Scrips for ... Readmore »

Declasse Burrito – Gta Auto

Review Declasse Burrito – Gta Auto DESCRIPTION The Burrito has been mapped, there are three versions of the Burrito; the first generation version with equipments, the other one without these and the second generation version. Five liveries are included in each van.MODEL NAMES – burrito7 – First generation (Equipments) – burrito8 – First generation (No equipments) – burrito9 – Second generation CREDITS – Rockstar Games – Original models – TheF3nt0n – ... Readmore »

Brute Stockade: Bobcat Security Edition – Grand Theft Games

Review Brute Stockade: Bobcat Security Edition – Grand Theft Games Since 1969, Bobcat Security is happy to serve the citizen of San Andreas security need. From protecting your house of aliens to transporting your collection of anime figurine in security. We use the state of the art technology to make sure that our service are reliable as possible. DESCRIPTION This mod ... Readmore »

The Security Pack – Gta Auto V

Review The Security Pack – Gta Auto V Gruppe Sechs is the nation’s premier private security company. Operating from Liberty City to Los Santos, we are the only security company trusted by top banks and federal agencies to secure their precious assets. We apply that same dedication to meeting your security needs. Whether you own a house in Rockford Hills or ... Readmore »

HVY Biff – Grand Theft Games

Review HVY Biff – Grand Theft Games DESCRIPTION The trucks in the game always been plain to me, HVY Biff has been enhanced by me to support new extras on the truck. Unfortunately, the dump container has been removed to avoid the container existing with the new extras at the same time. The first three extras were taken from the Flatbed ... Readmore »

Maibatsu Mule Recovery – Game Gta

Review Maibatsu Mule Recovery – Game Gta The infamous star of many grade-B repo shows and a personal favorite of many local swindling car dealers, this workhorse hasn’t lost its charm at all even after many years of active service. Easy to drive, built to last and hard to perform a P.I.T maneuver on, the Mule Recovery is one of the ... Readmore »

Vapid Stanier 2nd Generation Pack – Gta 5 Free

Review Vapid Stanier 2nd Generation Pack – Gta 5 Free everal of Vapid Stanier 2nd Generations has been decommissioned by the Southern San Andreas law enforcement agencies, it’s your chance to get the most popular police vehicle in the United States, from chasing a homeless guy to brainless uneducated terrorists. You can do anything with this car, you can even pretend ... Readmore »

Brute Roadkiller – Dowload Gta 5

Review Brute Roadkiller – Dowload Gta 5 Most of them are rotting away in a ditch on Route 1, but the legend say that a lonely Brute Roadkiller is still roaming around the state of San Andreas, driven by an oldtimer shouting old racist slur on his ham-radio at midnight. DESCRIPTION The Brute Tipper has been modified to become a semi ... Readmore »

MTL Pounder – Mapped – Grand Theft

Review MTL Pounder – Mapped – Grand Theft DESCRIPTION The Pounder has been mapped to support liveries. This one has proper LODs and the dirt mapping is also preserved, that means the truck won’t show any distorted dirt textures. A template is included.CREDITS – Rockstar Games – Pounder model – TheF3nt0n – Mapping – AlexanderLB, NickolasRUS27 and ReNNie – Liveries – ReNNie – Screenshots you can also refer to the article ... Readmore »

Bolingbroke Penitentiary Prison Vehicles Pack – Gta 5 Gta V

Review Bolingbroke Penitentiary Prison Vehicles Pack – Gta 5 Gta V Bolingbroke have upgraded with a fleet of new vehicles, including the all new Police Prison Truck, as well as their two handy modern-day escort cars, the Police Prison Cruiser and Declasse Alamo, and their classic fighters, the Police Prison Vigero Rumbler, Police Prison Esperanto and Police Prison Rancher. This mod ... Readmore »