Benefactor L300 V1.0 – gtaV mod

Hello everyone, This is the Benefactor L300 V1.0 into a fully custom truck done by me and Dynamo all tuning functions handles great hope U guys enjoy… Two People, Two Brains No one thought they needed it, But They Did Once again…. Features: 1. New Wheels 2. Bigger Headlight Setup 3. Breakable windows 4. LODS 5. New Tailights 6. Whole ... Readmore »

Cheval Surge Arrester V2.1 – gtaV mod

Back in the 2000s, if you wanted an eco-affordable car, your only option was the boring Karin Dilettante where driving it made you look like an idiot. Then Cheval takes the world by storm with the Surge, but with fancy parts like it’s glass roof made it closer to a Coil in price then the Dilettante it was supposed to ... Readmore »

MTL Packer V1.1 – gta5 car

The best working vehicle appear in the GTAV is interesting things. And here is mod will help you own the one of the beautiful long vehicle. Download this mod to possesses the  MTL Packer V1.1.. Edited MTL Packer, originally made by Rockstar Games as some generic modern-ish semi truck. Hope I managed to make it less boring.The Changelog: 0.9 – beta ... Readmore »

JoBuilt Phantom V1.1 – gtaV car

Reworked JoBuilt Phantom V1.1 semi-truck, changed and improved in almost every aspect. I hope you will like this mod. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. New tuning parts can be added in further updates, feel free to suggest stuff you’d like to see. Features: – Wheel size and suspension ride height were changed to bring truck proportions closer to real, fuel ... Readmore »

Lampadati Casco Spyder V1.1 – gta5 car

The beautiful classis car is right here. Download this gta5 mod to own the Lampadati Casco Spyder V1.1. Please report any bug that you may encounter with the car. Updated version of the Lampadati Casco with a softtop roof and better interior and travel bags on the luggage rack as extras color 1: bodyshell color 2: interior Extras working dials ... Readmore »

LSPD ’14 Bravado Buffalo S V1.2 – gtaV car mod

“When Bravado updated the Buffalo, not many people preferred the new design. Unbeknownst to them, Bravado engineered the new version so it scored 0 on pedestrian safety in order to win the LE market. Perfect for cops that had too many donuts and wants to take down criminals without leaving their seat” This is a lorified version of the current ... Readmore »

Vapid Caracara V2.7 – gta5 car

Hello! This mod will help you own the  Vapid Caracara V2.7. The pickup truck with stylish and characteristic sport design. Along with that is an extremely powerful machine with terrain tires so that the car can overcome all difficult terrain. Still the same F150-ified Caracara, a bit better than it was as in 2018 File changelog: Previous changelogs can be found ... Readmore »

LSSD Motorbike [Vanilla] V1.1 – gtaV mod

Here we are with an other simple but at the same time, nice, vehicle retexture… I don’t even know why I’m continuing doing this things… anyway… The Los Santos Sheriff Department has now an own motorbike unit, Download this GTAV MOD to own the excellent bike – LSSD Motorbike [Vanilla] V1.1. Features: 3 (For Now…) -Traffic Plus+ compatibility from Version ... Readmore »

Buffalo S SAHP [LSPD] V1.2 – gtaV car mod

I didn’t create anything. I just assembled the parts together with the permission of original authors. (The LSPD version simply replaces the headlights and wheels of the Bravo-1-charile model). Download this GTAV car mod to own one of the best emergency cars in the game – the Buffalo S SAHP [LSPD] V1.2. Changelog: 1.2 Add unmarked version 1.1 There are ... Readmore »