Obey DD-BLITZ V1.0 hotfix – gtaV car

Not really cheap, not really expensive… even at OBEY they don’t know what it is. It can go offroad or it can drive fast with this powerfull Inline V6 engine with OMNIS 4WD system. We could say anything, you would trust it because you don’t even know what it means. We neither. So what it is? Who cares! But for ... Readmore »

Entara HPR-1 “Hyperion” V1.0 – gtaV car

Sitting in the HPR-1 at the starting line, you ponder over all the supercars you’d rather drive at the moment. By the time you cross the 24-hour mark, all the earthly concerns are null and void – your soul just got flushed down the drain and your mortal knowledge was reduced to “life is pain”. This endurance predator of a ... Readmore »

LSSD Declasse Burrito V1.1.2 – gtaV car

LSSD now has a Prisoner Transport / RoadBlock Unit… PoliceT has been converted to SheriffT, but with different styles; Choose the one you like the most… Download the mod to own the nice police car – LSSD Declasse Burrito V1.1.2. Features: -Traffic Plus+ compatibility from Version (you will see ALSO this Sheriff Transporter patrolig in the county sides); -a new ... Readmore »

Ocelot Euphoria V1.0 – gtaV car

A perfect performance formula, the money rush, and a whole lot of tea – what happens when you mix all three? The answer still sends the Euro-macho-have-beens into convulsions, and rightfully so. The Euphoria, sporting a deceitful breadvan look, could course any sportster through Hell’s bakery. And God save the losers from shame – for when they learned where the ... Readmore »

Nagasaki Pigeon Patrol V1.0.1 – gtaV car

Nagasaki gave “size matters” the middle finger as the first Pigeon flew out of the training pen 30 years ago. Since then, flocks of Pigeon Patrols drop more shit around Star Junction than Lazlow Jones himself – in the form of little paper tickets on your windshield. But don’t let that unnerve you; the Pigeon packs more horsepower than a ... Readmore »

Karin Sigma-Three V1.1 – gtaV car

The mod will let players own the Karin Sigma-Three V1.1, a car that has an extremely sturdy and sport design with an extremely good engine that makes the car perfect for use in-GTAV. Download this mod to own the car. UPDATE: Version 1.1 – Fixed a missing bumpmap on the mesh texture Credits: LamboFreak – scratch modelling, porting, sounds Carrythxd – add-on ... Readmore »

Ellie SuperCharged V1.0 – gtaV mod

Hello everyone, This is a overhaul of the Vapid Ellie Drag on my account this will be changed a bit here and there but as of right now its in a good state but Hope you enjoy the mod its definitely a keeper. The Sixties and Seventies may of been the golden age of hippies and American patriotism, but it ... Readmore »

Dinka Jester X-Flow V1.1 – gtaV car

Hello everyone, this is my first dive into 3d work with blender. This mod adds new modifications to the Jester which are listed in the features list below. I hope you enjoy my first mini-project and there will be more to come in the future! Features: 1. New Body Kit (By Me) 2. New Wheels (Courtesy Of GOM) 3. Paintable ... Readmore »

’08 Bravado Buffalo A/C (Police Pack) V3.1 – gtaV car

“If police brutality was a vehicle, it would be the Buffalo A/C. Let’s face it: times when police sedans bore unassuming looks are long over. This high-trimmed cousin of the ordinary V6-powered Buffalo does not need any lighting or a fancy paintjob to mark its presence – its loud and brash supercharged V8 will make sure you notice it speeding ... Readmore »

Vapid FMJ GTE V1.0 – gtaV car

“A look at the specs, a glance at the nameplate and one ballistic performance by a professional later, you’d be hard pressed not to show your wit off and joke about shootings and bring up a bombing or two just cause. Until you smashed on the gas and got your innards bleached, twisted and hung out to dry at the ... Readmore »