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Karin Sigma-Three V2.0 [Add-On|Tuning|Sounds|LODs]

Wake up, sunshine! It’s 1999 – affordable mid-engine roadsters are still a thing, car talks have not degraded to bus riders throwing ad hominems, and Y2K has not brought doom upon your world just yet. Today is a perfect day for a ride in your Sigma-Three, with a little spice and a lot of air in your face. And don’t ... Readmore »

Annis Majima LM – gtaV car

Rule of thumb – if a one-off 90s road-legal performance monster doesn’t sound horrifyingly horny enough for you, throw the “road-legal” part away and enjoy the fireworks. Don’t burn yourself, though – the Majima LM is here for a fight to the death. No punches left pulled, no potential left untapped, no pants left unsoiled. Sayonara! The following would be ... Readmore »

Karin Sigma-Three V1.1 – gtaV car

The mod will let players own the Karin Sigma-Three V1.1, a car that has an extremely sturdy and sport design with an extremely good engine that makes the car perfect for use in-GTAV. Download this mod to own the car. UPDATE: Version 1.1 – Fixed a missing bumpmap on the mesh texture Credits: LamboFreak – scratch modelling, porting, sounds Carrythxd – add-on ... Readmore »

Ninja Glaive 1.1 – gtaV mod

This motorcycle is sure to fill you desire for insane acceleration. Want to smoke someone out at a light, look no further than this super bike! Download this mod to own the Ninja Glaive 1.1 Included in the download is a Credits file that states everyone involved in the creation of this vehicle mod. Features: Working Headlights Working Taillights Correct Tire ... Readmore »

Annis RSC-7 – GTA V On

Review Annis RSC-7 – GTA V On Picture : Annis RSC-7 – GTA V On When other rivals of that era offered big engines, high end technology and nausea-inducing speeds, the Annis RSC-7 offered the exact opposite: lightweight, connected to the road and featuring the last DCC rotary engine, this 90s icon offered the pure joy of driving. When you were not ... Readmore »

PES 2013 “Nelson” Custom Head Ped 1.1a – GTA 5

Review PES 2013 “Nelson” Custom Head Ped 1.1a – GTA 5 Picture : PES 2013 “Nelson” Custom Head Ped 1.1a – GTA 5 I created a character (Nelson) for my unfinished machinima and was initially not to be published. Though, I decided to upload it now. Enjoy the mod and capture lots of pics! If y’all wondering, it was my Become-A-Legend save ... Readmore »

Pikamobile – Gta 5 Mod

Review Pikamobile – Gta 5 Mod Picture : Pikamobile – Gta 5 Mod  All ultra detailed instructions to install is in archive. -For Add-on version Features -Good exterior -Bad interior -BumpMap -Medium textures -GTA 5 plate CREDIT : Model from : Club [TH] Convert : Kpym Some articles can be read if You need GTA 5 new cars Link :       Readmore »

Omegamon X (Digimon) – Grand Of Auto V

Review Omegamon X (Digimon) – Grand Of Auto V Picture : Omegamon X (Digimon) – Grand Of Auto V Play as Omegamon (or omnimon) X-Antibody in GTA 5!!! More and more variations of omegamon are coming btw!!!! Installation guidelines: 1. Since this ped is very large in scale, in order to play along this mod properly, you should use Phat Cam [.NET] ... Readmore »