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1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer V1.1 [Add-On]

The mod will allow players to own the 1957 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer V1.1, though it is a classic car, it has an extremely trendy, elegant and luxurious design. The car has an extremely perfect machine for every road that it has to go, every race it has to run and of course, it will help the player achieve the ... Readmore »

Honda CRX SiR 1991 [Add-On]

Models: Forza, Juiced2, Wanted188, VK, various places around the internet Thanks to AkazukaiSokudo for the interior parts Base car was Taken from gamemodels.ru Converting: Wanted188 Co-author: GreenAid I just haven’t seen anyone with a sharper eye for details than Greenaid Brought to you by: Pumaone thank you for your support! Screenshots and awesome video by: MoravianLion Ok folks, this one ... Readmore »

F18F Super Hornet [Add-On] (Newest 2020)

Designed and initially produced by McDonnell Douglas, the Super Hornet first flew in 1995. Low-rate production began in early 1997 with full-rate production starting in September 1997, after the merger of McDonnell Douglas and Boeing the previous month. The Super Hornet entered service with the United States Navy in 2001, replacing the Grumman F-14 Tomcat, which was retired in 2006; ... Readmore »

EXY Yachting Mercedes X-Class V1.1 [Add-On|Unlocked]

A Limited Edition created especially for yachting enthusiasts who prioritise luxury. It is a perfectly balanced combination of a functional pickup truck with marine design and perfect trim by RVEINTERNATIONAL.COM The conversion features a sporty body kit comprising 15 parts, the Maybach S650 Coupe grille and rims, added tonneau cover, and body styling sticker kit in the form of livery ... Readmore »

Pegassi Infernus SE Classic V1.1 [Add-On]

The 1990s classic received a facelift in anticipation it would look less dated when standing on the brink of 21st century. New front fascia, more extravagant rim design and plethora of new factory paintjobs are guaranteed to persuade you to buy another Infernus that has changed little since its introduction in 1990. Any headlight design similarity to a Japanese coupe ... Readmore »

Guntherwerks 400R V1.1 [Add-On | Unlocked]

The gunther werks, turn a porsche engine’s air-cooled formula on its ear. first and foremost is suspension geometry, specifically front wheels that have been pushed outward so they’re square with the rears. the edge-to-edge lineup helps turn-in and stability, with monster 295-millimetre front and 335-mm rear rubber mounted to lightweight, forged aluminium, titanium-bolted 18-inch hoops. the setup dramatically alters how ... Readmore »

2002 Nissan Silvia (S15) V1.0 [Add-On]

The mod will allow the player to own the 2002 Nissan Silvia (S15) V1.0, a Mazda vehicle with stylish and characteristic design. The car also possesses an extremely powerful engine because this car is already a race car. Along with a sturdy and solid frame that helps it withstand more bumps, it also has an extremely good Handling kit that ... Readmore »

Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR V1.0 [Add-On]

With the MR Performance Kit, the company from Meuspath has developed a car that has seen the Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR crowned the fastest road-legal sports car at the Nürburgring. On 25th October 2018, Porsche development driver Lars Kern completed the 20.6-kilometre lap of the “Green Hell” in just 6:40.3 minutes in a Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR. Features: ... Readmore »

1998 Mercedes-Benz C200 Elegance V1.0 (W202/FL) [Add-On|Replace]

“I decided to upload a version with US-plates as well. Thanks for all positive words and constructive criticism! This most probably concludes this mod! There are more stuff coming out soon!” Source Mod (GTASA): Ахмед Гаджиев, KaBoooM AMG Tuning: drag.gta, HRH Engine: Unknown Handling: wanted188 Compilation/Adaption for GTAV: HRH Help, Feedback: GreenAid, Seath, Karl Tanner If You appreciate, what I ... Readmore »

BMW M4 Liberty Walk 2014 V1.0 [Add-On]

The mod will let the player own the BMW M4 Liberty Walk 2014 V1.0, a sports car with a characteristic and extremely modern design. The car possesses an extremely powerful machine that makes it suitable for high-speed chases or police runs in the GtaV. Model From:NFS PB、Turn 10 Studios、PC Converted to GTA5 by:ANSWER Livery:Chord Tone,Castle灬Y COLOR1:BODY COLOR2:INT How To Install ... Readmore »