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Gun Sounds Overhaul – Weapons for GTAV

This is without a doubt the best replacement sounds for all the guns and shooting that you can hear in Grand Theft Auto. All GTA gamers who have already download it and use it, are reassuring us that this is the best move they ever made. Being able to enhance your experience and feel everything this game has to offer ... Readmore »

VisualV Mod Graphic – Misc for GTA5

What Is VisualV and What Can It Offer You? If you are a Grand Theft Auto junkie, then you should not miss VisualV mod. This is a graphic modification that will totally improve all the weather effects and will edit all areas as well as the interiors. It will definitely improve the color correction in a way that it will ... Readmore »

Refined Weapons and Gameplay – Weapons for GTA5

Download Refined Weapons and Gameplay – Weapons for GTA5 Finance & Felony needed otherwise your game will crash! Screenshots: FEATURES: Weapons -Recoil has been increased and the intensity depends on what type of weapon it is -Each weapon’s damage has been modified in regards to its caliber -Modifed damage is balanced between realism and fun -Every weapon’s magazine size has been ... Readmore »

McLaren P1 2016 (Retexture) for GTA 5

Download McLaren P1 2016 (Retexture) for GTA 5 Model: Assetto Corsa,Project Cars,CSR2 . Converted to GTAV:AIGE McLaren P1 Introduction: Supports all major functions of the game: [spoiler] – all Lody – automatic spoiler – HQ model, interior, exterior and engine – a collision – the correct proportions of the model – there is tuning that can be installed in Los ... Readmore »

Niko Bellic Mod – Player for GTA5

Download and install Niko Bellic Mod – Player for GTA5 Some people may want to replace a protagonist or make ugly retextures, and that’s all fine and good. If you’re like me, you would prefer to add Niko to the game so he will have facial animations from the get-go and not replace a critical story character. This mod does ... Readmore »

Simple Trainer for GTA V – Trainer pc – Scrips for Gta5

While there are many options for a GTA V trainer for driving, not all of them come with the features that you need. Simple Trainer for GTA V comes with more features that make using this mod easier, which improves the usability of the mod. Simple Trainer was designed because of the success of the popular Simple Trainer for GTA IV. ... Readmore »