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Scenario Groups – Gta Auto

Review Scenario Groups – Gta Auto INFORMATION This script enables various (disable by default) scenario groups. You will now find NPCs inside the Blaine County Savings & Loan, the Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores police stations, cops at the towing impound in South LS, guards at the scrapyard from the “Big One” preparation mission Note: there are a much more of ... Readmore »

Gangs Of Los Santos – Grand Auto 5

Review Gangs Of Los Santos – Grand Auto 5 The way Los Santos was meant to be in my opinion! Adds an enhanced experience in the ghettos of the city, Brand new ambient territories, new vehicle scenarios and strapped up gangs. Spent a very long time working on this mod with many restarts to the project so i hope you like ... Readmore »

Slam It – Grant The Auto 5

Review Slam It – Grant The Auto 5 A simple script to lower your vehicle beyond what’s possible with Los Santos Customs suspension mods. It simply damages the wheels so much the car lowers. You can choose from 3 levels: No lowering (0) Level 1 Level 2 (max) Press X to change levels. You can choose what button to use in ... Readmore »

Need for Speed Underground Speedometer – Gta Gta Game

Review Need for Speed Underground Speedometer – Gta Gta Game Features Exact visual copy of the NFSU speedometer KM/H or MPH display Gear display RPM gauge Turbo gauge N2O Support Drag HUD (TheLorizz)   N2O bars are displayed when the vehicle has a rocket boost, or a mod is installed that supports this speedo. Requirements GTA V v1.0.877.1 to 1.0.1290.1 ScriptHookV ... Readmore »

Auto-Center Steering Patch – Gta Z

Review Auto-Center Steering Patch – Gta Z Park your car with your wheels turned. Simple enough right? This script simply patches the instruction that automatically centers a vehicle’s steering when the driver exits the vehicle. Nothing more, nothing less. It works for both the Player and NPCs.Tested to work with v350 and v877. Should work on all versions in between as ... Readmore »

Save Vehicle + Mileage counter – Gta V Car Mods

Review Save Vehicle + Mileage counter – Gta V Car Mods Description This mod lets you to save vehicle anywhere you like.Whats the difference from other alike mods? This mod supports the latest game version,also it saves windows status, engine health, paint fadeout, dirt level, tire bursts, headlights status (if them are on/off or broken), door lock/unlock status , if any ... Readmore »

Porsche Macan Prior Design – Granth Auto 5

Review Porsche Macan Prior Design – Granth Auto 5 -Base model :Fh3 -Convertion/assembly:RsMods -Screens 1,2,3 by MrFiveUpdate 1.1 Added plates gta in extra. Fixe tint glass roof. Fix some interior details. Features -Good interior/exterior -Working steering wheel/lights/dials -Hands on the steering wheel -Breakable/tintable glass -Animation exhaust -Working lights/dials -Paint:1, 4, 6, 7. -… -Any other function of the game… Instruction in ... Readmore »

Drag Race – Play Gta Online

Review Drag Race – Play Gta Online After a while of thinking, I decided to release this mod as open source. I will not work on it anymore and want people to be able to use my code for anything they need (for any purpose). Hope you enjoyed this mod as it lasted. Source Code Here’s a mod for people who love ... Readmore »

V Creator (Mod Creator) – Gta V Online Play

Review V Creator (Mod Creator) – Gta V Online Play Script Tutorial Just for everyone’s concern, this program makes it EASIER to make script mods for GTA V. It will not do everything for you, You will need to have some knowledge of C# to create a mod. For those who are complete noobs when it comes to making these mods, ... Readmore »

Complex Control – Gta Auto V

Review Complex Control – Gta Auto V The mod has a custom user interface, stats page and more. Since this is a script, it replaces no files. Every files are read externally through vnet. Making it very easy to uninstall safely. CRACKED VERSION WARNING This mod uses many of the Multiplayer Content. So you need all the Multiplayer Updates. I don’t ... Readmore »