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No_Tracers -Gta 5 Free

Download No_Tracers -Gta 5 Free Removes bullet tracers from guns. Simply replace weapons.meta with the supplied file.All credits go to @JonaQ you can also refer to the article about GTAV Mod Manager Tool – GTA V Mod Manager PC Link Download  No_Tracers -Gta 5 Free Readmore »

Real Flamethrower – Gta Auto

Download Real Flamethrower – Gta Auto Install :– Install OpenIV  – Check out the ‘Read Me’Changelog : 1.0 : Initial Release 1.1 : Bug fixed 1.2 : Bug fixed 1.3 : Michael, Trevor & Franklin’s hands position fixed Scale & range of the flame increased 1.4 : Bug fixed causing game crash 1.5 : Updated to latest GTA V update 1.6 ... Readmore »

Buy More Attachments – Gta Games

Review Buy More Attachments – Gta Games Been a While since I made this mod and I thought about uploading it Installation is simple put the dlc_patch in GTA V\update\update.rpf and that’s it couldn’t make it simplier than that Community Script Hook V .NET for GTA5 Changelog: 1.0: Added flashlight for Vintage Pistol Added scope for Heavy Shotgun Added advanced sniper ... Readmore »

Buy More Weapons – Gta Demo

Review Buy More Weapons  – Gta Demo This mod is now nothing rockstar ruined it with their new update the only use of this mod is now simply that you are able to save unstorable weapons in your inventory by spawning them that’s it no longer buy more weapons it’s just store more weapons.  Buy more weapons Though some aren’t weapons ... Readmore »

Nuclear Explosion Project (Rocket Launcher) + Mini Nuke (Sticky Bomb) // Nuke Mod 1.7 – GTA5

Download Nuclear Explosion Project (Rocket Launcher) + Mini Nuke (Sticky Bomb) // Nuke Mod 1.7 – GAT 5 Nuclear Explosion Project 1.7              Picture Nuclear Explosion Project (Rocket Launcher) + Mini Nuke (Sticky Bomb) // Nuke Mod 1.7 How To install This File : FIRST OF ALL DOWNLOAD OPEN IV https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv 1. Open the ‘OpenIV’, turn on edit mode ... Readmore »

Real Flamethrower [Add-On] 1.6 – GTA 5

Download Real Flamethrower [Add-On] 1.6- GTA 5  Real Flamethrower [Add-On] created by OHMYMODZ & esrohraw. Description : Now you can have a brand new Flamethrower which throws real flames ! No scripts needed. Requierements : OpenIV (http://openiv.com/) Install : – Install OpenIV – Check out the ‘Read Me’ GTA Online : Do not go in GTA Online with this mod. Disclaimer : ... Readmore »

GTA 5 Mods – L.A. Roads 2.0

Download L.A. Roads 2.0 – GTA 5 Misc Mods  My mod totally replace all roads,walkway,groud parking,sewer,barrier walls and more… Textures are based to Google Earth L.A. Installation is very easy requiered 10 min… just follow the folder and paste the files into Open IV Backup Your Original Files Picture: L.A. Roads 2.0 Clip review L.A. Roads 2.0   Link  GTA 5 Misc Mods Readmore »

Realism Dispatch Enhanced – Misc for GTA5

Download Realism Dispatch Enhanced – Misc for GTA5 Installation: New install method has been introduced to work around Rockstar’s hardcoded limit of 48 dlcpacks. Gameconfig has been updated to support newest GTA V updates. The Sheriffs of Blaine and World of Variety RDE version have been merged into the base files in order to ease maintenance and streamline files. Updated ... Readmore »