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Enhanced Native Trainer 43-42-41 – PC Trainer v gta 5

Fans of the GTA 5 games can now enjoy free updates of the game as they are being released through the gta 5 trainers. The trainer makes the game more real, involving and thrilling by adding both graphic and character updates that appear more real than before. The Native trainer was made in a synonymous structural and functional manner to ... Readmore »

NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5

Review NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5 Picture : NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5 This mod allows you to deploy spikes during pursuit… or not ! You can use it in a car or on foot. Features : • Spike deployment animation. • Spike sound. • Unlimited spike. • Blip in your minimap. • Customizable keyboard ... Readmore »

REPORT AD Drop Spikes Mod – Gta Auto V

Review  REPORT AD Drop Spikes Mod – Gta Auto V Picture :  REPORT AD Drop Spikes Mod – Gta Auto V Installation : 1. This mod work with ScriptHookV, please install it. 2. Go in your GTA 5 directory 3. Put Spike.asi and Spike.ini in your GTA 5 directory 4. Launch the game and press +/- for drop/remove a spike. Changlog :  1.0 : Initial ... Readmore »

Extended Camera Settings – GTA V

Review Extended Camera Settings – GTA V Picture : Extended Camera Settings – GTA V Description Serving as the successor to my previous (deprecated) mod “POV Camera Unlocker”, this plugin provides various customizable options for the in- game cameras, allowing you to unlock many of the default limits set in place by R*. Requirements ScriptHookV Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2015) Important Info ... Readmore »

Shoulder Swap Camera – Game GTA On

Review Shoulder Swap Camera – Game GTA On Picture : Shoulder Swap Camera – Game GTA On This script adds a “shoulder swap” functionality while aiming with a weapon, much like what you might find in other games such as Tomb Raider or The Division. This was requested a while back on gtaforums but was eventually abandoned after the original requester went ... Readmore »

Chiken’s Menu – Gta vs Gta

Review Chiken’s Menu – Gta vs Gta Picture : Chiken’s Menu – Gta vs Gta French: Le mod menu fonctionne uniquement en mode histoire et non en online. Comment l’installé ? Télécharger Script Hook V et dinput8. Mettre les fichiers suivant dans le fichier GTA V clique droit sur le logo de GTA V puis ouvrir l’emplacement du fichier et vous glissez ... Readmore »

Scene Director – GTA 5 On

Review Scene Director – GTA 5 On Picture : Scene Director – GTA 5 On Scene director 3.4.1 release by elsewhat Scene Director is a mod for GTA V specifically aimed at recording Machinima. In many ways its an extension to Director Mode and Rockstar Editor. It is active in use among most well known GTA V Machinima videos. Stage lights is ... Readmore »

Buy Online/Special Vehicles in SP – Gta Grand Auto

Review Buy Online/Special Vehicles in SP – Gta Grand Auto Introduction This mod is just an improvement of my Buy Online/Special Vehicles in SP via in-game website mod. Remember: It’s just for fun and was requested by some people on Skype, you may not find this useful. If so, ignore this.It makes purchasing a lot more easier, especially for those who are too lazy ... Readmore »

Character Swap – Gta V Download

Review Character Swap – Gta V Download About A simple script that allows you to make the game think you’re playing with a different ped model allowing to play missions as well as various other things using any model.I have been receiving dozens of requests in the past to upload this and after  contacted me a few days ago requesting the same ... Readmore »