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Review Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – Gta Gta Game

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Gta Gta Game a

-Rottr Lara croft original mod
-Addonpeds app
1.6 patch (download 1.5 as base for first time downloads)
-adds very keen details to the new top-suit to not look odd
-adds more depth to the bandage1.4 – 1.5 new base.
– a little fix to henley shirt’s normal map , and some other component parts also
– head optimized to 2k resoultion at 32bit
– 2 bodies (1 no bandage, 1 with bandage)
– eyeball color hue changed to blueish
– lara’s default hand(drawable 0) has gloves, no gloves at drawable 1
– new commando style outfit with The Division watch
– SOTTR style outfit with 2 color sets
– infiltrator style outfit updated
– added a dark boots
– weapon holster has 2 color ,
brown holster ( switch off instruction .PNG included )
dark holster ( at berd/mask drawable 2)
– some details added to the camo pants
– added a doppelganger style Topsuit from TR underworld
– added a skate shoes with real name brand OSIRIS ,has 3 styles
– added a wrist watch
– added the flannel scarf with 3 colors.
– more colors added to studded bracelet
– a little calibration to holster belt normal map and txture improvement
– thickened the Hair txture ( has now 3 colors )
– hair optimized to 2k resolution at 32bit quality ( enabling more spaces for components )
– good hand and body color alignment
– added the original old hair so anyone can compare the changes
these progress below is already present in the new base 1.51.3 patch
– added a Burgundy Gold Palestine scarf with 3 colors

1.2 patch
– a small detail enhancements for lara’s eyeball , ears and pyramid Studded bracelet.
– head reduced at 2k resolution while with 32 bit qualtiy texture. older has 4k but 8 bit quality only.

1.0 – 1.1
– 2 experimental wardrobe
> Leather Jacket with midnight blue jeans
> Remnant Outfit style Jacket
– 3 color of Christmas scarf
– biker boots
– 3 color jeans
– High quality textures
– Rendered hair with Smoothed alpha
– 2 hair colors
– 4 scarves
– 3 camo patterns for long pants
a. alpine scorpion multicam pat
b. USC digital pattern
c. normal scorpion multicam pat
– enhanced detail of desert tank top set and henley thermal shirts
– experimental Infiltrator outfit look wardrobe
– naked lara has pink tits

NOTE: The wardrobe is not actually aligned properly to the rottr model, it is the 3d modelers hint to fix it.

to install as add on , you will need this. download it.

1. Assume you have the addonpeds app . . use openIV and place the peds file at \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf\

2. Run addon peds editor as admin, click upper left peds>new ped then type rottrlara as model name,set as female, and set it as is Streamed=true , now click rebuild.

*female weapon animation is buggy so enable to get rid of this we just need to use the male animation. After clicking rebuild , click the installed name then again upper left peds> edit ped , change the Clip Dictionary Name to [email protected] then click below edit ped, finally click the rebuild button to save changes.

3. See them ingame. use enhanced native trainer or menyoo but I recommend to use ENHANCED NATIVE TRAINER as menyoo sometimes break the mod. enjoy playing.

if you already found the outfit set (the one that you like) at a time , you may want to save it in enhanced native trainer so you wont be setting up again in the next time game starts.

wanting to see your weapons on your back? try the mod below.

ever think of fighting a bear with lara for fun? try the mod .

exploding soda can ore grenade

you can also refer to the article about Menyoo PC [SP] – Scripts for GTA5

Link Download Shadow Of The Tomb RaiderGta Gta Game


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