Rockford Hills Police Department Vehicle [Pack] V1.1a – gtaV car


Do not upload this file anywhere else nor the vehicles in the pack
Playground for the rich and famous – and for fat Midwestern tourists to come and gawp at the rich and famous on bus tours — Rockford Hills has the highest concentration of silicone and new-money douchebags in bad marriages trying to spend their way to happiness in Los Santos.”

v1.1/-removed several vehicles as well updated assets
v1.1a/-fixed laptop missing texture and missing cage

• NEW! – RX2700 Lightbar
• NEW! – improved interior equipment – replaced laptops with toughbooks.
• Wheels: new unique wheels remade from vanilla assets by Myself,
• Handling: new Handling made by Eddlm redusing the damage from IV level to V standarts
• RHPD – Vehicles modified to come close with the real life counterparts.
• All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

How To Install 

Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.
Rockford Hills Police Department Vehicle Pack includes:
• Vapid Stanier (rhpolice),
• Declasse Alamo (rhpolice2),
• Cheval Fugitive (fbialamo).


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Link Download :