Realistic Bike Power and Physics Handling V4.0 – gtaV car


With my Traction Control System OFF, and real bike power you can pop a wheelie with just tapping gas.

Recommended/ mandatory mods
Ikt’s Manual Trans mod
Ikt’s Custom Gears mod
Chang63’s Simcade Config for Custom gears
Chang63’s Real Performance Tuning mod
V 2.0
Bati Reworked.
V 2.5
Bati Tweaked a liltle bit more. It turns too fast. Tune it down a lil bit and make it doesn’t spin out easily unless you full throttle in mid turn.
V 3.0
New Esskey Handling added. A small cc, fun bike to ride around. Based on whatever it looks like, I don’t care. I made it a all around bike, can drift and slightly pop a wheelie while slam changing 1st gear to 2nd gear or use clutch (ikt’s manual transmission) and rev hard then engage clutch.
V 3.5
Bati Tweaked again and sanchez reworked
Added bonus hayabusa handling for Imtaj Suzuki Hayabusa (removed)
V 4.0
Bati and few other bikes made from Simcade Handling as base and applied my special touch to make the bike pop a wheelie with only gas. It is way more rideable than the last versions thanks to simcade for the base handling.

How To Install 

Go to the archive to see the instructions


Enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

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