Real, RAGE V [Vehicles Enhancer] V3.0.0 – gtaV car


This is a new version, Version 3!
From now the Real | RAGE mods version numbers are simplier/traditional for easier understanding.
From now I will indicate the compatible game version and title update in release notes.
Older (before v3) release notes are not included in the readme, because they are irrelevant to v3.
Added „Optional” folder to Install and Uninstall folders.
I will put modded files to here which are totally optional, they can impact heavily the performance of the game, and/or other mod’s use these files and you maybe don’t want to use mine, so it is not gonna installed automaticaly with the normal installer.
Altered versions of my modded files goes here too.
You need to install these files manualy, installation instructions are on the 4th page of the readme.

– Increased deformation for all vehicles (including DLC vehicles); cop cars has lower deformation than other cars;
– Increased tire smoke on burnout;
– Adjusted the smoke color;
– Increased trail effect;
– Bigger and more intensive siren lights;
– Police motorcycle has now proper siren lights;
– Rhino Tank adjustments;
-Weapons now shooting through vehicles (and some more materials too);
– Adjusted drag and traction on some terrain (ice, snow, sand, mud, etc.);
– Optional mods like doubled vehicle and ped density, my altered materials mod without bullets penetrating vehicles, etc.
– Minimalized the collision damage on all cars, so they probably not gonna blow up from high speed crash or from crushed by a tank.
If you found a bug, or you have suggestions, write me a comment!

– Adjusted materials: opaque glass now can be shoot through, trees now can’t be shoot through;
– Adjusted HVY DUMP: more mass, lowered the collision damage, lowered the deformation and the engine damage multiplier, increased speed, adjusted the brakes, adjusted suspension, now you can use it as a MONSTER TRUCK;
– Minimalized the collision damage on all vehicles, so they probably not gonna blow up from high speed crash or from crushed by a tank (or HVY DUMP), DESTRUCTION DERBY IS ON!!!!;

– Added gameconfig.xml: it will double the numbers of the ambient peds and cars; increased the number of parked cars and scenario peds.
It may impact the performance, more VRAM needed;
– Added altered version of my materials.dat: you can still shoot through more materials but vehicles can’t be shoot through in this version;

How To Install 

Detailed installation instructions and informations ins the readme file!

You can read the readme file online or download it before you download the mod:


Enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download :