Real Life Mod – Scripts for GTA5

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Real Life Mod and its Functions on GTA 5 Games

The gta 5 real life mod is meant to change the way players feel about the GTA 5 game by making it look and sound more realistic than before. The overall effect is that it makes the game more entertaining and compelling thereby promoting the players’ zeal to continue playing. Through improving features like road felonies, changing the way arrest occurs and other peculiar actions, the game becomes nice and involving thereby making you to play all day without getting bored. The real life mod is meant to enhance the realistic nature of the game and improve its technical performance.


Enjoy the Game to the Maximum

Through the Real Life Mod, you can play with ‘slow motion’ reflexes making you to see and enjoy every detail of the game level you are in. For those who are addicted to the game, you can set the time to be synchronized on your computer so that you know it is time for you to go and sleep. This mode is simply to ensure that you find every reason to play all day long without getting bored.  The mode is fully functioning, and you can get it by downloading and activating it on your gameplay device.

No Viruses

The developers scan every aspect of the mod ensuring that there is no virus or malware left in it. Your game’s device would, therefore, be safe making you to enjoy the best game playing experience. Besides, you can check the safety of the files on the official website before you download to your game playing device. The Checksum option on the official website is what is used to scan the files before being downloaded. Since the mod is only being developed by one person, it might take a while before it is released and updated again.


Share Any Information You Feel Like Sharing

To spread the good news about the functionality of this Real Life Mode, you should share information about the mod on social media, write content about it or upload its video on the sources where a lot of target clients are expected to be. You can hyperlink content to the official website of the mod so that you help in getting the mode to be known by a lot of people from across the world. You can use any content anywhere as long as you give credit to the official website of the mod.


It is a well-developed mod that is efficiently working and responsive. Let your game be enhanced into a more realistic theme that would entertain and satisfy you. You can as well write a review of it on the official website so that others can also see the good news about the mod and download it. No technical difficulties in functioning, no hanging, no viruses, everything is just unique and superb to make you enjoy the game. It takes seconds to download and install and once you have installed it, you will not need to make any other processes.


Download the file

Drag & Drop the files from the zip file
into the ‘scripts’ folder.

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