PC Trainer V PC – Scripts for GTA5

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The Unique Features That PC Trainer V Possesses

It is without a doubt that the new gta 5 mods pc game is much more exciting than the previous versions. This is because it comes with a number of features that will definitely blow your mind away. Some of these features include the miscellaneous option which allows for you to resurrect a target ped, recruit current ped with the weapon you currently possess and so forth.


When you either are under attack, or you want to lure the police out and kill them, you can call them to your current location. Spawning a bodyguard with your current weapon is also possible. you can also get to play particular mini games including going on current assassination missions, which makes pc trainer v gta 5 a very amazing, interesting game to play.

The Process of Successfully Rewriting PC Trainer V Menu

The installation of gta 5 mods pc is very easy as long as you follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure that the PCTrainerV.asi and the PCTrainerV.ini together with ScriptHookV.dll in the root folder in your computer. This is the first and most important step which will make the entire installation process a success.
  • The next step involves choosing certain items from the menu but first, you ought to open it by pressing the F4 key. Once it’s open, you should use the numbers pad keys for your navigation.
  • By editing the .ini file, you can modify the key codes that open or navigate the menu to keys that you find appropriate to you.

Apart from the rewriting, you can get to install it just by following the first step, and everything will work out for you.

pc-trainer-v-4 pc-trainer-v-3

How to Play Using the Pc Trainer V Gta 5:

When using the PC Trainer V to play GTA, the player has to master the controls and know the teleporting, vehicle, world and game options. They also need to know the weapon options so as to face and annihilate an enemy with so much ease.

Get to choose the player or the model in the game to your liking before you play the game. You can also get to change the level of wanted or if you are a beginner, you can play without being wanted by the police. That way, you can get to master the game much better. If the times are tough for you to cope, you can out yourself with a pill or pistol and restart the game!!


The gta 5 mods pc also allows you to pick out specific details of your animation. For instance, you can play animations that can be looped. You can also get to change the movement style to one that you like. There are also different audio options including the mobile ration, changing player voice and so forth.

You can also get to play assassin and follow the instructions on how to kill certain targets for certain amounts of cash. The more the cash involved, the more difficult the pc trainer v gta 5 game will be, which makes it an enjoyable game.

Animation Options

[spoiler] -Input/Play Animations which can be looped. (The Input Custom Animation format goes like this: “animDict,animfile” without the quotation marks.)
-Change Movement Style.
Use these for reference:


Audio Options

[spoiler] -Over 50 Unique-To-Model Playable Speeches which can also be played through a megaphone.
-Change Voice of the Player.
-Mobile Radio.
-Change to the next radio track on your current radio station.



[spoiler] -Spawn any model in the game to be your bodyguard(s).
-Change the appearance of your last spawned bodyguard with any of its available model options.
-Add hats/glasses/masks to your bodyguard with the accessories option.
-Give your bodyguard any weapon.
-Add/Remove Blip so you could keep track of your bodyguard on the radar.
-Set Invincible/Vulnerable if you do/don’t want them to die.
-Give Current Weapon will always give them the weapon you have currently equipped.
-Change the Group Formation and Spacing to have a unique fighting style.
-Delete the last spawned bodyguard.
-Dismiss all bodyguards.


-Become an assassin and kill the target for a randomized amount of cash.

Misc Options

[spoiler] -Spawn a random bodyguard who will have your current weapon when spawned.
-Recruit the nearest ped with the current weapon you have.
-Resurrect a target ped back to life and they will thank you.
-Spawn a random ped to do whatever with.
-Call the police if someone is attacking you or if you just want to kill some pigs.
-Call Merryweather Mercenaries to protect you from any hostiles on your current location.


Object Spawner

[spoiler] -Type in any model name to spawn right in front of you. (Ex: p_spinning_anus_s)
Use these for reference:
[/spoiler] Player Options

[spoiler] -Change to any model in the game.
-Change the appearance of your player with any of its available model options.
-Add hats/glasses/masksto your player with the accessories option.
-Adjust health, add/remove armour, or toggle invincibility.
-Set a Cash Value to spawn cash. and make it rain!
-Adjust wanted level, clear it, or become never wanted.
-Become invisible.
-Enable most of the player cheats such as explosive melee, super jump, etc.
-Kill yourself with a pill or pistol if times are tough.


Teleport Options

[spoiler] -Teleport 2ft in front of you.
-Teleport to the waypoint in the blink of an eye!


Vehicle Options

[spoiler] -Spawn any vehicle in the game.
-Customize it with the Mini Los Santos Customs option aka Customization.
-Add invincibilty, hookers, become a passenger, and more with Extras.


Weapon Options

[spoiler] -Give the player any weapon from the game.
-Set ammo type such as fire bullets, explosive bullets, etc.


World & Game Options :

[spoiler] -Toggle Night Vision/Thermal Vision.
-Hide the HUD to take screenshots or whatever.
-Apply a timecycle modifier.
-Adjust traffic/ped multipliers.
-Become a weatherman and change the weather!


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