PAYDAY 2 Glock 17 – GTA VS GTA

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Review PAYDAY 2 Glock 17 – GTA VS GTA

Picture : PAYDAY 2 Glock 17 – GTA VS GTA

I had some spare time so I decided why not update my most downloaded mod, of course I will update the rest of my mods but right now I’m working on something big so follow my uploads to not miss it! ;D

2.0 Update:

  • Fixed weapon animations breaking and flipped normal maps.


  • Animated
  • Custom default and extended magazines
  • Accurate iron sights
  • LoDs
  • Supports some camos (platinum and gold, the best ones anyway lol)


  • If you replace the “luxe” combat pistol it will always equip the gold skin by default, this is a .meta related thing.
  • If you replace another weapon the animations won’t work!
  • Installation instructions included in .rar file.

    Replaces combat pistol

    Note from metroidguy:
    I’d really appreciate a donation to be able to pay for the monthly zmodeler subscriptions to keep bringing awesome content to you guys! As many may not now zmodeler is the program used to make cars, weapons and such, the downside is that it’s payware so you have to pay a monthly fee in order to keep on bringing content so any donation helps! 🙂

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Link : Download PAYDAY 2 Glock 17



Video review : PAYDAY 2 Glock 17 – GTA VS GTA