OpenIV Tool for GTA5

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What the Open IV Gta 5 Game Is All About

The openiv is a multi-purposes archive manager and editor for The Grand Theft Auto V, the PC Version. This efficient, multi-purposes editor is so effective to the point that other games use it and these games include MP 3 and grand theft auto IV/EFLC.


Apart from being efficient, the open IV gta 5 also comes with a couple of more efficient features than its previous version which makes playing these PC based games much more enjoyable. The openiv improves on the audio quality, the graphics as well as the creation and editing of archives.

This version does make the editing much easier and makes the mod installation much easier. The developers of the game also have a feature that allows the players/games to use a channel to get their feedback through to them.


The same WebIV services allows for the games to receive the newest versions of the multi-purposes editor and archive manager once it’s out. Here are some of the features that you ought to expect:

The Features to Expect with the Open IV Gta 5 Game

For an easy time creating, changing properties as well as editing, the openiv comes with an in-built WTD Texture Editor. A 3D animator viewer also referred to as WAD, will enable you to map object animations with so much ease, Cutscenes Player, and Ped animations. Some of the other impressive features that you can expect from the open IV gta 5 include:

  • For easy GXT editing experience, the openiv comes with a text-based format that makes the whole procedure a tad easier.
  • A 3D placement search.
  • 3D viewer of models files which includes WPFL, WDD, WDR and WFT files.
  • 3D viewer of NavMesh files like WNV.
  • Enables the creation as well as the editing of version 3 of the IMG achieves.
  • It can also allow for a 3D placement search to be carried out successfully.
  • The open IV gta 5 also comes with the inbuilt player for GTA IV Audio Files that ensures nothing but the very best of quality in sounds.

openiv-2 openiv-1

The above are just some of the important features that openiv that every Grand Theft Auto Iv gamer should look forward to when playing the game.

Why Openiv Is One of the Very Best Tools One Ought to Use

When it comes to computing, the tools that regarded as the best are those that are easy to use but very efficient. That explains why openiv won the 2016 GTA Forum Annual Award for best Tool. It seems to have all of the necessary features that a game would need to enjoy the games.

It also explains why games such as Rockstar Games – Max Payne 3 use the same openiv file formats as well.  With tools such as ASI Manager, the openiv makes it a tad easier to either install or uninstall ASI plugins and ASI loader for GTA V.


OpenIV is a multi-purpose editor and archive manager for PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto IV/EFLC and Max Payne 3.

Also, your feedback can now get to the developers much easier as compared to the version used previously. The latter is the case because of the WebIV, which is a web services that also allows players to get new versions.

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