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Open all interiors is a mod in GTA 5 that allows you to access every interior in the game file through doors that are fully functional. You will find pedestrians in these interiors as well. In addition to this, some of the interiors that you have access to be those that were cut from the game but still exist in the game files. With this mod, you also have a marker on the location of all the stores that you can rob and the location of every interior as well. Also, there are 4 more elevators that are added: two to the FIB building, one to the Humane Labs and one to the Union Depository.


Open all interiors mod GTA 5 opens a variety of interiors including but not limited to: Simeon’s dealership, Floyd’s house, Paleto Bay Bank, Union Depository, Foundry, the janitor’s apartment, a jewelry store, LifeInvader offices and Tequi-la-la.

The Installation Instructions

If you want to install open all interiors mod GTA 5, ensure that you have Alexander Blade’s ScriptHookV installed first. You can then download this mod and then unzip it. You will then need to copy OpenInteriors.asi and OpenInteriors.ini and then paste them into the GTA V directory. Finally, if you would like to change some settings you can modify OpenInteriors.ini but it will only work if you know what you are doing and the resultant effect it will have.

Open All Interiors Mod Instructions

For the mod instructions, walk into any interior you would like. For some interiors, you will see a blue marker that will prompt you to teleport inside as there are no working doors. A blue blip will appear on the map for elevators that prompt you to teleport up or down within a building. Additionally, if you would like to enable or disable interiors and store robbery locations, press F7 until you hear a clicking sound.


One of the things that you need to note while using open all interiors mod is that the in-game clip recording may not show the clips while you are in some of the interiors. This is not a hurdle that cannot be overcome as you can start the video in the Rockstar Editor. Add the clips in and then manually edit them. Once you have done this, the interiors can now appear. It is also advisable to use the mod in free roam or only after you have completed the game. This is a move that is intended to avoid any problems during missions. Having the interiors open can lead to unintended things during the missions. However, disabling the interiors during the mission is still not a guarantee that there will be no problems.


Open all interiors GTA 5 mod allows you access to some interiors that you never had or even knew existed before. The best part is that you can access the interiors that were cut from the game but still exist in the game files. You can enhance your experience playing GTA 5 by getting this mod.


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Open all interiors GTA 5
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