Omegamon X (Digimon) – Grand Of Auto V

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Play as Omegamon (or omnimon) X-Antibody in GTA 5!!! More and more variations of omegamon are coming btw!!!!

Installation guidelines:
1. Since this ped is very large in scale, in order to play along this mod properly, you should use Phat Cam [.NET] by sollaholla

2. Install the files as Add-On ped:

3. for the .ini file, if you are using Julionib’s hulk script, put it in scripts/HULK V2 Files/Suits.

if You need any further information, please visit link as below GTA 5 Mod Menu PS4

Link : Download Omegamon X (Digimon) 


Video review : Omegamon X (Digimon) – Grand Of Auto V