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Whether you are a civilian obeying traffic laws or a part of the law enforcement group. You will now have animations for them!

If you are a civilian, you will now be able to dance to your favorite song on the radio! Or if you are a cop you can now look around when idle for a crime!

This mod will give you the animations NPC’s do when they are idle in vehicles, for example the head bob dance for gangsters or the ability to use a flashlight at night to spot a suspect! Depending on the radio station and your character you are playing as, they will start to dance differently to the music.

I now added bus idles for when you want to take the slow public trasportation!

You can now eat a dohnut while switched to unarmed (be sure to make your guy use the middle finger to activate the idle) when in a regular car!

Car variations of different idles:
Low (mostly 2 door cars), vans(for example, the RV), and regular cars (check the screenshots if you are unsure of what I’m talking about)

Vehicle Idles List:

Bus Idles
(Idles: tablet(female only), coffee, generic bus idles)

Cop Idles
(Idles: look around hand on wheel, look around lean forward, flashlight)

smoke idles
(Idles: works in all seats when unarmed, dohnut works only in regular cars)

Dance Idles and base animations
(you’ll notice the difference, trust me)!

This mod is good for role play, LSPDFR, or even for fun while playing as a cop or pedestrian!

The Gang Mod by JediJosh920 works well with this mod!

This mod is to give your character cool dance moves when cruising around Los Santos and Blaine County!


1.0 – Fixed NPC’s animations and still gave the player the abilities.
Added bus idles.
Added dohnut instead of cigarette for generic car unarmed idles

0.2 BETA- Added smoking animations for when you the player is unarmed in a vehicle. Added some missing dance idles for the van.

0.1 BETA- Dance animations added

Installation is in the archive!

Let me know if something doesn’t work right and I will fix it!

Thanks for downloading!

if You need any further information, please visit link as below GTA 5 Mod Menu PS4



Link : Download All NPC Vehicle Animations For Player