NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5

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Review NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5

Picture : NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5

This mod allows you to deploy spikes during pursuit… or not ! You can use it in a car or on foot.

Features :
• Spike deployment animation.
• Spike sound.
• Unlimited spike.
• Blip in your minimap.
• Customizable keyboard keys.
• Also work with LSPDFR (and plugins).
• Keyboard and Controller supported.
• Source code included (Please let me now your changes in the comments)

Installation :
1. This mod work with ScriptHookV, please install it.
2. Go in your GTA 5 directory
3. Put Spike.asi and Spike.ini in your GTA 5 directory
4. Launch the game and press T/G for drop/remove a spike on foot or in a car.
5. More info are available in the ReadMe and .ini file.

Changlog : 
1.0 :
Initial release.

1.5 :
Changing the ground detection system (No more spike floating).
Reduced wheel detection radius (More accurate tire detection).
Controller support can be disabled in the .ini file.
You can now deactivate the cinematic camera.
​​​​​​​New combo-key support for controller.
Changing the spawn system (On foot).
Controller not detected fixed.
New auto-camera system.
Global optimization.

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Credits : 
Transmet – Script creator and ingame tests.
Rockstar Games – Original sounds and 3D Spike model.
BUG-MAN-FR – Tests, screens, docs and “ReadMe”.

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Link : Download NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike





Video review  :NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5


NFS Spike Mod – Drop Spike – Grant Of Auto 5
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