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1000 Downloads! Yeey! I love you (no homo ofc)
Something new is coming! Or actually not, we just started, but it wil be related to Trevor

Just download the mod and you’ll know everything from ReadMe

It’s my first mod I uploaded, I hope you like it!

I ported some clothes from gta online and also editied Michael’s face.
Few textures have improved quality (not something impressive, but I think it’s cool)

I recommend you to have clean Michael’s files

Cap has more slots than textures, so you can add few more without replacing anything

-First version
-Added long coat
-Added Franklin’s oversized t-shirt
-Added jeans jacket from Bikers dlc
-Added baggy jeans
-Added Tracksuit hoodie
-Added new shoes
-Added Franklin’s button shirt
-Fixed high top trainers
-Replaced some ulgy shirt textures with better ones
-Deleted this weird, asian looking designer jacket (replaced with jeans jacket)

From this update mod uses real brands

-a lot of new textures, improvements
-added new special YMT
-added Trevor’s beard
-added more textures for cap
-added new vans-like shoes
-added face texture with small beard
-improved Michael’s face (Better nose and texture)
-replaced pump jeans with Franklin’s slim jeans
-replaced puff with leather jacket + tee (my model, so pls respect)
-greatly inscreased mod’s size

Installation instrucions in ReadMe

also I noticed weird increase in download of old version

Also thank you for downloading 🙂

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Link : Download New/Improved Michael





New/Improved Michael – Game GTA V
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