Menyoo PC [SP] – Scripts for GTA5

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Menyoo PC [SP] – Incredible GTA 5 Features

Playing games is one of the best hobbies for most people. If you are a game enthusiast, then you will find Menyoo GTA 5 menu to be quite useful. This is mainly attributable to its versatile nature. With the Menyoo mod menu, you will be exposed to a number of features that would ordinarily take a whole lot of time to discover.


If you want to have the Menyoo PC mod, you should ensure that your game is backed up before commencing the download of this mod. Once you have it downloaded and installed, there are so many things that you will unlock and get to enjoy in your game play.

This mod requires the latest GTA V patch and the latest version of Alexander Blade’s ScripthookV plugin.

Features of Menyoo PC Mod

The MAFIN’s Menyoo has a wide array of features, which you will find quite useful in your game. The vehicles are generally improved as far as their performance is concerned. You will have diverse weapons, which you can use to destroy your enemies during your game play. The environment in Menyoo GTA 5 SP is also amazing and offers you the opportunity to enjoy your game place.

menyoo-pc-object-spooner-tutorial-2 menyoo-pc-object-spooner-tutorial-1

This Mod also presents you with New DLC vehicles, which are quite advanced and have so many modern features. The weapons, peds and weapon attachments have also been improved and are among the critical features that the Menyoo PC mod offers all players.


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Installation of Menyoo GTA 5 Mod:

In order to make the most of the features highlighted above, you will need to install the Menyoo Mod on your PC. To install it, you should start by opening OpenIV and activate the edit mode. Once the edit mode has been turned on, you have the option of using the Add New File feature, which is a green plus button or drag and drop option. Once you have added the file, you should close the OpenIV, and you will be good to go. In order to activate the Menyoo mod menu, you will need to use Script Hook V.


Checking if The Mod is Functional

If you have installed the Menyoo mod on your PC and are not certain if it is working, there is a way to check it out. Open your game and while it is open, press F8. You can select to use the controller as the input option or use the menu. The NUM keys on your computer keyboard can also be used for navigation purposes.

Controls on the Menyoo Mod Menu

Making use of this mod will depend on how well you understand the controls. If you are using the controller input, here are the controls to learn:

  • B/Circle = Backs
  • A/X = Select
  • DPAD Right = Right
  • DPAD Down = Down
  • DPAD Left = Left
  • DPAD Up = Up

If you are using the keyboard for the Menyoo mod, the controls are as follows:

  • Backspace – Back
  • Enter – Select
  • Up Arrow – Up
  • Down Arrow – Down
  • Left Arrow – Left
  • Right Arrow – Right

With the latest version of Alexander Blade’s Script Hook V plugin and GTA 5 patch, you will be able to enjoy using the Menyoo mod menu.

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