Mclaren 720S topcar Fury V1.4 [Add-On]


720S Fury: British open mid-motor with an individual carbon body kit In 2011, following a prolonged absence, McLaren returning to the mid-motor sports car market with the MP4-12C, which became known simply as the 12C. This model, initially available as a coupé and subsequently also as a spider, instantly punched through against its Italian competitors. The same applies to the new successor to the 12C, the 720S – also available as both a coupé and a spider. The Russian specialists at TopCar Design have now developed an extensive, high-quality body kit for this powerful sportster, which clocks in at 720 hp and 770 Nm of torque. Its name, “Fury”, is certainly a fitting choice given the McLaren’s extreme, furious aesthetic since the refurb.

Update: 1.3
Glasstints on lights fixed, Had double glass mesh. Removed one mesh. Now it works.

Update: 1.3
Glass tints all windows now
tilting fixed, i think? (:

Update: 1.2.1
Hands on steeringwheel.

Update: 1.2
Fixed light tints on glass.

All regular car functions
HQ Interior
HQ Exterior

Primary Color: Body
Secondary Color: Caliper

Convert: Dennissaurus
Topcar kit: unknown.
Pics: Pandolfi, Dennissaurus

How To Install 

The mods will be installed by add-on method
Add the line below into the dlclist.xml file: <Item>dlcpacks:\720stc\</Item>
Spawn name: “720stc”


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Link Download :