[GTA5 Map] Marlowe Valley Safehouse – Airport [Menyoo]

Version: 5.0 | Author: Sanghelios | 1,526 views

Marlowe Valley Map Description:

Marlowe Valley Safehouse/Airport map turns the Marlowe Valley into a enormous safehouse, including several helipads, a huge parking area for cars and motorcycles alongside a runway. I suggest loading the map after a fresh game start without any previous loaded maps in that session.


Note: New version (5.0) after over a year. Complete reworked the map from scratch for Menyoo. Lots of new stuff added. Check it out. 🙂

This map offers the following stuff:

  • 3 Helipads
  • 1 medium sized Runway
  • Enough garages/parking areas to store more than 50+ cars.
  • Now with an enterable apartment
  • Tuning garage
  • Military Bunker
  • Party in the garden
  • Pre saved cars


marlow-village-enhanced-5 marlow-village-enhanced-4 marlow-village-enhanced-3 marlow-village-enhanced-2 marlow-village-enhanced-1 marlow-village-enhanced-11 marlow-village-enhanced-10 marlow-village-enhanced-9 marlow-village-enhanced-8 marlow-village-enhanced-7 marlow-village-enhanced-6

How to install Marlowe Valley Safehouse – Airport Map?

1. Install Menyoo and make sure its working correctly.
2. Pick one of the two following .xml files and move it to MenyooStuff/Spooner in your GTA5 folder.
3. Ingame, open Menyoo, click on “Teleport Options”/”Company Warehouses”/”Vehicle Bunker” (Important! You have to do this step before loading the “Marlowe Valley” map, so please dont mix step 3&4 up)
4. After you teleported to the bunker in step 3, click on “Object Spooner”/”Manage Saved Files” and select the map you have choosen below.

– VineyardH (1814 props, 230 peds, 059 Vehicles)
– VineyardL (1581 props, 000 peds, 059 Vehicles)

Download Link:

SangheliosMaps – Marlowe Valley 5.0.rar