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Version: 10.1 | Author: headscript | 2,594 views

The LUA plugin is a mod for GTA that was created by Headscript. It allows you to write LUA scripts that work with GTA. It is one of the simplest languages when it comes to writing scripts for different mods. In layman’s terms, it allows you to come up with cool things for your game. In order to install the mod, you must first have Script Hook V.


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What Is Script Hook V?

Script Hook V is a library of files that allows you to write scripts and then hook them into the single player mode in Grand Theft Auto. It was created by Alexander Blade and is a basic tool that makes modding possible. In order to install Script Hook V, you need to get the zip file that you have downloaded and copy the ScriptHookV.dll file to where the GTA5.exe file is located, which is in the Grand Theft Auto’s main folder. You can use the dsound.dll and NativeTrainer.asi files if you want the ASI loader or the native trainer respectively. After you have successfully installed these, you can now get the LUA plugin for Script Hook V.



Installing the LUA Plugin

To install the LUA plugin, you need to download the zip file, open it and find scripts folder. You will also need to find a LUA.asi file within this sipped folder. Copy the folder and the file and paste them into Grand Theft Auto’s parent folder. Now go to the addins folder within the scripts folder and drop all the LUA files that you download in future. You can now write scripts for different mods.


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Installing GTAV Ragdoll Mod

This is just one of the mods that you can install in GTAV with the LUA plugin for Script Hook V. To install it, go through the sip file you just downloaded and find the ragdoll-on-demand.lua file. You will then copy it and paste it into the addins folder that you found within the scripts folder that you placed in the GTA parent folder. Now press ‘u’ to see the readme.pdf file that has instructions for the action that you just included in the game. You also have the option to edit it into any key you would like, even if it is the on and off button.

Some people have had a challenge using the mod as it crashes the system. Some have complained about the pop up or console window that shows up when playing the game after installing the LUA plugin. Other users say that it does not work on the redux mod. It is expected that these hitches will be fixed using an upgrade. Ultimately, the LUA plugin allows you to access other cool things within Grand Theft Auto that you otherwise would not be able to access. Right now, there are different mods including the open all interiors mod that you can include in your GTAV. It is expected that soon people will be able to script vehicles, weapons and even player models to make the game more fun and cool.

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