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Ok guys, after mpstunt update everybody started building cool tracks… But none of them in a realistic way. The LSIR concept is just that. The most realistic racetrack I could imagine, with terrain, pit lane and boxes, as well as a few benches for spectators.

THE ISLAND IS BUILT SOUTH WEST OF THE LSIA, go there with some teleport or noclip mod. Actually, menyoo does it for you when you load the map.

Choose your favourite release and put it on

Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner

Once in game, open
Menyoo>Spooner>Manage saved files>”LS International Raceway Rx”.
It may require multiple loadings to spawn every prop of the database.

You don’t mind if I won’t quote every author of the racecars, would you?
ANY SUGGESTIONS to improve the realism of the track are welcome, just make sure to tag me @Zio Ark to notify me in the comments.

-The track glows on its own.
If you have ENB simply

-The map is WAY, TOO, HEAVY.
It’s not a bug, it’s just the amount of props used. Just think of the grass that covers the track. It’s a lot of grass, right? The game has to load it besides the standard game map, so just make sure to have a decent PC.
-The map uses MENYOO SPOONER, and not the MAP EDITOR.
Will I port it one day? No. It’s just useless work, as I think the Spooner surpasses the Map Editor in everything, except maybe for peds animation.

INCREASED BOX NUMBERS: Boxes are now 13(instead of the old 8 ones) and each one can host two cars, just like a real racetrack. Boxes furniture have been removed in order to ease the map size, but there’s still one fully detailed for you to use.
EASED MAP SIZE: Hugely reduced the amount of props in the map. Still need to load it twice though.
REMOVED TRACK LAMPPOSTS, STANDS AND INVASIVE TYREWALLS: Removed some props in order to make the track even more realistic.
ELONGED TRACK:Before, the track was beatable in less than 50 secs. Now the track takes 1 minute to be beaten, making it more than a go kart track. The elongation has not been completed yet, i’m planning to make it even longer.
RAISED MAP HEIGHT:Now it’s possible to play with rain without being awashed by the ocean waves.
UPDATED STRAIGHTS AND STRAIGHT STANDS:The start line has been improved, offering now two different start lines. Team stands on the start line have been updated to host every racing team.
IMPROVED OFFICIALS PARKING: Now ambulances, tow trucks and the pace car have their own personal parking lot.
COMPLETED TRACK ELONGATION:The track now needs more than one minute to be beated.
UPDATED BOXES:12 new dual-space boxes have been built.
OPTIMIZED TRACK FOR STREET RACES SCRIPT: MMH’s map for Street Races now works better than ever with the new update
IMPROVED BOXES, ONCE AGAIN: Boxes are now 16, one fully detailed, 12 of them filled with one racecar, but they are likely to host teams of two cars.
IMPROVED TRACK ILLUMINATION: Just little adjustments

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