LCC Reaper MK II V2.0 – BtaV Bkie


Own one Super motorbike is an indispensable part in the GTAV. With the high quality image, the LCC Reaper MK II V2.0 becomes more real life in the game.

LCC Reaper MK I {Replace}

LCC Reaper MK II {Add-on}
>Added custom tank
>Added custom Reaper paint job on tank
>Added custom Reaper stichted INTO seat
>Added custom ape hanger handlebars
>Added Kingz Customz tires & rims {non-paintable YET}
>Added PHAT rear Bobber wheel
>Added custom “Pizza cutter” slim front wheel
>Added custom-built frame, sub-frame and wheel brace {ALL paintable}
>Added custom lights and blinkers {WORKING}

Add-on version has no avaliable mods as of this moment, but WILL be updated soon!
This bike IS NOT FINISHED yet. i still have some plans and fixes to little things.
Any issues/questions/requests, MESSAGE me on my instagram @KING.SYKO
DO NOT redistribute ANYWHERE
DO NOT attempt to use vehicle online!

How To Install 

See the instructions in the file


Enjoy it and don’t forget share to your friends!

Link Download :