Koenigsegg Regera 2016 [Official Special Edition] V1.1 [Automatic Spoiler Add-On Tuning]


License plate mods from:LENFAN
I will remind you again, first, the game license plate aways in the extra column, PLEASE DONT SAY THIS CAR HAVENT GAME LICENSE PLATE THANK U VERY MUCH, and second, we add the automatic spoiler version and without automatic spoiler version, please check carefully extra project in the modifier, third,I have written everything what’s the extra column- in the introduction,Fourth, the interior light color change is Modifier tire color,please check it,thank you very much..
Model from: CSR2
Producer: The Sixth Person Studio

Version: 1.1
Bug: waiting for u text
Update list:add Automatic Spoiler and whit out Automatic Spoiler,Turn signal。PLEASE DO NOT SAY THIS CAR HAVENT GAME LICENSE PLATE,CHECK EXTRA P L E A S E..

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1. HQ interior
2. Vibration exhaust pipe
3. Gear display (N / P / 1 gear, in order to restore the real car, only one gear)
4. Extra kit
5. Colored car headlight glass (restore the reflection of real car)
6. Glass detail font
7. Modified parts (color-matching interior seats and steering wheel, and various license plates in the modification options of the CHASSIS lab, rear wing modified parts) are made according to the original car here, so the modified license plate is a bit large For smaller license plates, version 1.1 can be updated later, and add QQ group: 907753220 for feedback.
8. Interior color-changing lights discoloration (tire color)

About add-on kits:
1. Koenigsegg welcome light
2. Roof convertible parts
3. Former game license plate
4. Rear light glass
5. After game license plate

How To Install

1.- Go to “/ update / x64 / dlcpacks /” and create a new folder named korega to add it to the “dlc.rpf” file.
2.- Use OpenIV to convert “dlclist.xml” in the “/update/update.rpf/common/data/” path to the desktop. Open the file using a text editor and add the following line to the end:
dlcpacks: \ korega \
3.- Spawn name: regera16


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Link download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z5afUCHGuDfEp0fgWGnYWehxmYTFtYAf