Jeep Cherokee XJ SnowHawk Edition – GTA V

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Review  Jeep Cherokee XJ SnowHawk Edition – GTA V

Wow.. I believe this is a GTA first! I really hope you guys enjoy this monster! This was a blast to make and I will continue to tweak and add more features and refine the vehicle going forward. Behold the Jeep Cherokee SnowHawk! This thing is a beast in the snow or mud and boy does it have some power, this thing will smash anything in its path. Thanks to Hilux5577 for his convert, I have added my own twist to this classic and I hope everyone enjoys some new adventures in the snow with this guy! Please remember to like and star as you see fit.

Truck features:
Paint body: paint1
Paint Tracks: wheel
Suspension rework
COL rework
All Glass works
Hands on wheel
working hitch
A few extras for now

Community Script Hook V .NET for GTA5

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