The iPhone 13 mini is not as popular with users as other iPhone 13 models


The highest portion of iPhone sales in the US during Q1/22 was made up of four iPhone 13 models, according to the most recent statistics from Consumer Intelligence Research Partner.

71% of all iPhone sales in the US are made up of the four iPhone 13 variants. In contrast, the US Phone 12 series’ market share in Q1/21 was only 61%.

In Q1 2012, the basic iPhone 13 model had a 31% market share, outpacing the 24% market share of the iPhone 11 and the 22% market share of the iPhone 12.


The newest iPhone 13 models have the highest market share we’ve seen in recent quarters, according to Josh Lowitz, co-founder of CIRP. In Q1, sales were accounted for by four models, including the 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, and 13 mini. Sales of the recently released iPhone 12 models at this time last year were 61%.

According to the estimate, only 3% of all US purchases go toward the iPhone 13 mini. Evidently, users were less enthusiastic about it than they were about previous iPhone 13 versions.

The tiny model’s lack of appeal might be attributed to a variety of factors. According to the article, many consumers are now able to select more expensive iPhone models thanks to the expanded collection options.

Additionally, using an iPhone takes less time. Only 20% of consumers still had their iPhones after three years or more in Q2 2012. The exchange options are also somewhat to blame for this.


Today’s users mostly prefer phones with a large screen to a phone with a small screen because it is very inconvenient to watch movies, read newspapers or play games with a small screen. But that doesn’t mean it’s not quality, it’s simply that its screen is small.

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Before the launch of iPhone 14, iPhone 13 was sold in large quantities