iPhone 12 mini was discontinued due to unpopularity with users


Apple’s iPhone 12 mini has been permanently discontinued due to low sales. The iPhone 12 mini was a flop for the company, thanks to design changes and upgrades to 5G support. However, Apple will still sell existing stock this summer.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini Discontinued: Sales Were So Low, Company Decided to Stop Producing Compact Smartphone

Apple’s iPhone 12 mini has been permanently discontinued. This comes as no surprise, given the phone’s poor sales performance. iPhone 12 mini has been unable to keep up with the competition due to its small screen and outdated design. If you’re looking for a compact iPhone, we recommend you try the iPhone SE or iPhone 11 Pro.

The 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini entered the “end of life” phase at the start of Q3 2021, when sales were too low, according to TrendForce’s report. This summer, Apple will continue to sell its current stock. The iPhone 12 mini, however, has been formally and permanently withdrawn.


The iPhone 13 mini is not as popular with users as other iPhone 13 models

The iPhone 12 small will formally stop selling before the iPhone 13 debuts in September of this year due to the impending production halt. Apple is anticipated to continue producing and offering the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple still intends to release the iPhone 13 mini to replace the iPhone 12 mini despite the device’s dismal sales. The production of the iPhone 13 small may be reduced as a result of the lesson learnt, and Apple may choose to concentrate more on large-screen iPhone models.

The stopping of production of iPhone 12 mini is something that we already know because today’s users are no longer interested in phones with small screens. But not so that other iPhone 12 phones are not popular. On the occasion of the newly launched iPhone 14, the iPhone 12 models at Didongthongminh store are being heavily discounted. This is a good opportunity for you to own a cheap iphone 12 phone.