Improved Albany Esperanto pack – Gta Auto V

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Review Improved Albany Esperanto pack – Gta Auto V

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Straight outta snowy streets of North Yankton, your generic 80’s car comes to San Andreas.

2.1 changelog:
– Hey cousin, let’s go bowling!
– Added Roman’s Taxi version, complete with red interior (thanks IGnoTon) and miscolored left fender. Just like civilian version it’s compatible with IVPack (although the car will inherit color combinations from IVPack).

2.0 changelog:
– Added civilian & FIB versions.
– Civilian version is fully compatible with IVPack (it replaces IVPack’s one if IVPack is present)
– New features for all 4 versions:
* “Esperanto” badge on front doors
* Albany badge on the steering wheel
– Civilian version features:
* a bench seat and brown-colored interior by 11john11.
* secondary color for roof.
– Added a third taxi livery by Weeby.

(2.0.1 fixed dirt mapping on FIB version)

1.1 changelog:
– Front badges are now displayed properly
– Taxi dials are now working properly
– Hullian111 fixed his LSPD livery


  • UV mapping (template included)
  • Two lightbars and emergency equipment by 11john11.
  • All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

Police liveries include:

  • LSPD – by Hullian111
  • LSSD (black) – by IlayArye
  • LSSD (white) – by IlayArye
  • NYSP – by Hullian111
  • SAHP – by Yannerrins
  • SAHP (alternative logo) – by Yannerrins
  • RHP – by Yannerrins

Taxi liveries include (all made by me):

  • Downtown Cab Co.
  • United Taxi


  1. Copy the “esperantopt” folder to “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks”
  2. In OpenIV, open the “mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml” and add the following line before </Paths>: <Item>dlcpacks:\esperantopt\</Item>

Spawn names:
– taxiesperanto
– polesperanto
– esperanto
– fibesperanto
– rom


  • 11john11 – numerous tweaks and enhancements, custom equipment and support all the way
  • Hullian111, IlayArye, Yannerins, Weeby – liveries
  • IGnoTon, J57F, JRod, Eddlm, Sealyx, JoonasPRKL – screenshots
  • Awesome people at Vanillaworks discord – suggestions and support

Special thanks to Voit Turyv – this guy basically got me into modding with his great support. Keep the rock rocking, Emperor.

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Link : Download Improved Albany Esperanto pack 






Improved Albany Esperanto pack – Gta Auto V
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