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Review HVY Armordillo – DOWNLOAD GAME GTA

Picture : HVY Armordillo – DOWNLOAD GAME GTA

Used by the military to invade countries and wipe them out with a massive gun without needing to leave the vehicle, the Insurgent Pick-Up quickly became a popular military vehicle right next to the very original MAMMOTH jeep. What could HVY do in this case? Release a civilian model, and rake the cash in. The brand new armored Armordillo off-road truck will plow through any traffic the rush hour can throw at you.

This is an edit of the Insurgent Pick-Up which removes the massive gun on the roof (very un-patriotic, I know), removes the rollbar, and adds a front license plate, tow hook, and badges. For those living under a rock, or simply not having any interest in cut content, “Armordillo” was going to be the name for the Insurgent before Rockstar changed it. I figured I’d give this name a new life. The question isn’t “why?”, it’s “why not?”.

And no, it’s not a mispelling of “Armadillo”.

-Glass shards remain when you break the glass.
-Vehicle badges. Just in case the population of San Andreas forgets what you’re driving.
-Tons of traffic colors, because why not?
-Tow hook can tow stuff. That’s right.
-Proper LODs are present. Your game doesn’t need to thank me for not running out of memory.
-This vehicle has a name in 4 different languages. We going worldwide.

Drop the “sparmordillo” folder into dlcpacks and add the line “dlcpacks:\sparmordillo\” to dlclist.xml in update.rpf/common/data. This mod also supports my add-on license plates mod, just remove the commented-out tags in the DLC’s carvariations.meta to enable them. Also, Bob322’s Car Trailer is supported, you need to remove the commented-out tags in the DLC’s vehicles.meta to allow it to tow the trailer.

That’s about it. Enjoy!

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Link : Download HVY Armordillo 




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